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In today’s world, we want to use every application, every game on every device we can get our hands-on. Getting to use an application on any device is surely a huge plus point for enthusiasts! There are various ways of getting an application, and there are various methods to use the application on your computer or device.

However, it is not always safe to get those options that do not come from credible sources. Through this article you will learn how to sideload apps, understand what are apk files and how can you use them to your benefit, and above all you will learn how to get applications made for Android and iOS platforms on your computer.

Getting and Running Android apps on a Windows PC?

It may have seemed impossible to play games that were meant for Android platforms or for iOS platforms. But not anymore!

The games developed for phones can be played on your computer by simply getting the application called “Bluestacks”, which needs to be installed on your computer. A user can then run and get the games they need to.

Bluestacks App Player

If you wish to get apps made for mobile phones, then you must have the bluestacks app installed on your computer. Bluestacks app allows the user to get and install any kind of game made for smartphones. The third-party app allows the user to install and run their games and other applications which are mostly supported by smartphones.

This app can be easily got with the help of the application’s website. The app player is safe to use and is supported by all computers, which makes it easy for users to use. The app does not do anything else apart from giving your computer the access to run emulators as well as applications.

Before getting the app, you need to have an emulator on your PC. This emulator is a third-party app, which allows you to link your Google account. Without this app, it would be impossible to run and get the app made for smartphones to your computers.  You can get the bluestacks app by following the step given below:

  • Open your web browser and go to the Bluestacks website.

  • First, get the emulator “Bluestacks” through the internet.

  • Click on “Get App Player”, the get will begin automatically.

  • After getting the app, install it on your computer.

  • Open it and log into your Google Account.

Emulator for Android

Speaking typically as per computer language, emulators are kinds of hardware or software, which allows your computer to act like some other computer. However, when we talk about Android applications or iOS applications, we must remember that emulators are used to creating a platform for Android applications. Initially used by Android and iOS developers for testing out their designs and models, the app can now be used by any person to get Android apps for your computer. With an emulator, any user can enjoy the thrill of Android and iOS games on their computers!

Here is a list of some good emulators for you to try:


  • Android Studio

  • Andy

  • ARChon

  • Bliss 

Most emulators can be got for free. Android Studio is one of the best on the list, as it is approved by Google and offers many benefits.

PC Ports

PC ports are the ports which connect the computer to other devices. This PC port serves as a connection between the computer and the other device and allows the user to use various features of other applications by the user.

Getting Android apps on a phone or Tablet?

Installing Android apps or games on your phone or tablet is an especially easy task. For Android users, the Google Play store gives you all the necessary apps as per their viewing and getting history. Here is how Android apps can be got:

  • Go to Google Play Store on your phone.

  • View and choose whichever application you need to get.

  • Click on the app; the store will take you to its page.

  • You will see the “get” button, click on it.

  • The application will get and install on its own.

Android applications are the easiest to get, thanks to Google Play Store. Apart from this, an Android user can also get apk files for their phones.

Getting Google Play Store Apps on your device

The Google Play store apps can be got similar to the way Android games can be got. However, another way of getting the application by means of an APK file. Here is how you do it:

  • Search for “[name of the app]” APK on Google.

  • A number of website links will show up, use credible sources such as FileHippo.

  • Get the latest APK file.

  • Install the application by accessing the file through your phone’s gets folder.

But be sure to go to the settings of your phone and find the “security options” on your phone. Inside the menu for security options, you will find the option of “allow third-party applications” or “allow applications from outside sources”. After doing so, you can get the applications and install them with the help of APK files.

Google Play Store on the web

Google Play Store on the web is an extension of the Google Play Store app for Android phones. This website for Google Play Store can be accessed through your computers. The Google Play Store Web offers you the same kind of features like the Google Play Store.

The user can sign in with their registered Google account to find their preferences and a list of previously installed applications. Even the design of the website is quite close to the Google Play store app. The website offers you a curated list of applications that you may like.

The user can get the apps that are compatible with the computer from the Google Play Store on the Web. Furthermore, Google provides a message in case your computer is not compatible with the application you are trying to get. The web store does not offer a get button for those applications which will not run on your device.

3rd Party App Stores

Third-Party App stores are one of the easiest and popular methods of getting applications to your phone or computer. These stores are usually websites, which can be found online. However, some websites offer their apps as well, where various developers and users can upload applications.

Third-party app stores usually offer the unlocked version of various applications, and offer various paid applications for free. The best benefit of such stores is that they offer you high-grade applications all for free. These stores have applications for both computers and Android applications. Apart from this, such stores also have iOS applications as well.

Some credible third App store websites are:

  • APKMirror

  • AppBrain

  • FileHippo

  • AndroidFreeware

How to Side-loading Apps

The term “Sideloading apps” means to install and use an app which has not gone through the process of being certified. Side-loading apps are basically installing the APK file to your phones. APK stands for Android Package Kit, and these files can be got from any website which offers third-party applications. Getting the APK file is easy, simply use a credible and safe website to get the app, and click on get on the website.

Some websites may offer you different mirrors, and not all mirrors may work. So, tap on the mirror links to check which one works for you. Furthermore, before installing apk files make sure you allow the installation of third-party apps for your device.

All devices come with the security option for allowing the installation of third-party applications. Also, many third-party applications can bring a host of various kinds of viruses to your device and rig your device.

There are various websites, which even offer an application for their website and applications hosted on their website, which makes it easy for the user to get the app.

How to Side-loading from a PC

The term “sideloading apps” for PCs is no different than that for Android applications. To install third-party apps on your computer is quite easy. All you will need to do is go to your PC’s settings. Inside the settings, find the developer features option.

This option of developer features will take you to a selection menu, choose Use developer features. Another menu will open up and you be able to will find the option for “Side Loading Apps” in here. By selecting the option for sideloading, you will be able to get and install applications which are not certified!

Furthermore, there will always be security risks involved with third-party apps so be sure not to go overboard with getting and be sure to pick out credible websites.