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Our Mission

Oh hello! Nice to see you paid a visit to SlightFun catalog. We worked hard to make it convenient and comprehensive, and we probably got it right: why would you go to this page if the project wasn’t to your liking?

Our team of app reviewers is welcoming you to the most user-friendly and user-caring app database there is. All the titles in our catalog have been tested, reviewed, and loved by experts that found them useful, enjoyable, and slightly funny!

Our Values

Love at the core

Love of mobile tech is what lies at the base of our project and what we share in our reviews.

Setting our priorities

We care about the quality and uniqueness of our content.

Constantly improving

We’re young, but we have a strong sense of purpose, so watch us!

Innovations first

Our number one rule is never to stop growing and give a chance to any idea that comes to mind.