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Time management online course

We consider that time is our most precious resource. If you have time, then you have the power to change the things for the better and to earn money as well. The time gives you the freedom to do the job you like and to live a life you deserve.

We offer you the time management online course which will uncover the following topics:

  1. Writing smart to-do lists.
  2. Learn to remove yourself from distraction.
  3. Productive working and effective breaks.
  4. Breaking up big tasks into smaller chunks.
  5. Finding your own most productive periods.
  6. Becoming more efficient.
  7. Knowing and accepting your limitations.

People are not born with a precise sense of time; they achieve it by practicing and implying self-discipline. You might have already found and tried some useful mobile applications for time management recommended on our site. They are really good and helpful in the initial stage of this process. But now you understand, these apps are not enough for your ambitious goals.

Our price


If you want to try our time management course, just leave an application and we will arrange a convenient time for our first lesson. Our first conversation (we also call it introduction) is FREE. We will ask you questions about your time management problems and together pick up your individual program.


Online Meeting

Starting from the second lesson, the price for our online meeting is $50 per 45 minutes. Sometimes you need more time to dive into a particular issue, so the price is discussable.

50$ per 45 minutes

Individual program course

If you want to pay for the entire online time management course, the price starts from $400 and depends on the complexity of your individual program.


A Weekly Planner

For all our clients we have a special offer - creating a weekly planner. The price is $45 per week and $160 for monthly planning.

45$ per week