The new decade has barely started. The closest game premier we have is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on January 16. So, while the stage is empty, let’s make a curtain call and remember the 10 best game characters that we’ve seen during the 2019. Enjoy!

1. Annoying Goose — Feathery disaster

Untitled Goose Game screenshot

Where: Untitled Goose Game

Purpose: Ruining groundkeepers’ lives

Annoying Goose invaded YouTube and social media last September. The obnoxious bird quickly drew the attention of the players thanks to its unpardonable antics. If you’ve caught a glimpse of the Untitled Goose, you know how much trouble his orange beak and quick little legs are capable of causing.

It appears the flying villain takes his vandal duties seriously. The nameless Goose has some sort of notebook, in which he records his nefarious plans step by step:

  1. Have a picnic.
  2. Throw a rake in the lake.
  3. Steal the groundskeeper’s keys, etc.

Remarkably, this to-do list has elegant handwriting. Whether this diabolical bird has received any formal education or not, we don’t know. But even if it did, it doesn't stop the goose from having loads of sadistic fun while turning the poor groundskeeper’s life into hell.

So far, Goose specializes in nicking garden boots, destroying hoses and stealing apples. But who can say which tactics this pale beast will learn in future to raise more havoc?!

2. BD-1 — Be-bo-beep!

BD-1 from Jedi Fallen Order

Where: Jedi Fallen Order

Purpose: Lovable sidekick & medic

Staying true to the traditions, the newest Star Wars game has a robo-sidekick. Apparently, BD-1 has been designed to be a robo-doggo. Perhaps, this is why his antennae resemble pointy ears and his individuality reminds of a playful, boisterous puppy.

His way of communication makes you think that he could be R2D2’s nephew. He makes the same meaningless bleeping noises that only his master — Cal Kestis —can understand. But there’s more about this little droid buddy than overwhelming adorability.

BD-1 can be a substitute for the health meter. If you command him, he’ll jump on Cal’s back and monitor how mфтн health points he has at the moment. It’s pretty handy during a fierce battle. Besides, BD-1 serves as a personal doctor of the protagonist. In case you get a few scratches, he’ll deliver meds, plasters and Jedi aspirin.

BD-1 is the only Star Wars character who can compete with baby Yoda on equal terms.

3. FL4K —  Have fun rotting

FL4K from Borderlands 3

Where: Borderlands 3

Purpose: Enigmatic vault hunter

FL4K doesn’t talk much. But he doesn’t need to — his hunting and assassin skills are much more eloquent. In Borderlands 3, he appears as one of the fab four — the  new hunters that you try in action.

FL4K prefers a unique hunting strategy, which employs:

  • Very hostile, untameable and ruthless beasts like Spiderant Scorcher.
  • Long-range weapons that never miss a target.

Staying true to the game’s canons, FL4K has a reserved individuality. However, we catch a glimpse of his persona through his interaction with playable characters and NPCs. Or the way he reacts to a certain situation. 

From his instantly classic quotes like Boring. I wish I had some bones to whittle or Badass or not you will die, we can see that FL4K greatly enjoys irony and acrimonious humor. Realizing that he’s seen as a soulless murder machine, FL4K cannot refrain from making menacing, cynical remarks. 

Being a self-aware machine, FL4K still learns how to value life. But the issues of morality and ethicality are a whole new game for him. That’s why prepare to die.

4. Mr. X —  Enigma wrapped in an overcoat

Resident Evil 2 - Mr.X

Where: Resident Evil 2

Purpose: Bringing primordial fear

Mr. X is a real blast from the past. That bulky, scary mutant has been around since 1998. But last year  new colors and polished textures breathed a new life into this walking monstrosity. 

Initially, you might think that Mr. X was a bit too shy for a villainous juggernaut. Throughout the entire game, he avoids directly interacting with a player. Instead, he spies on you from a distance. He even has a proper stalker’s outfit: a leather overcoat and a hat that hides his face.

However, in the end, Mr. X lays his cards on the table. And somehow, this seemingly introvert being who doesn’t say a single word during the game turns into the scariest monster. It’s hard to avoid nervous trembling when his bulky dark silhouette slowly approaches you to begin the final boss battle.  

Mr. X is a living proof that monsters can be socially awkward.

5. Parvati Holcomb — Someone to cover your back

Parvati Holcomb

Where: The Outer Worlds

Purpose: Delightful companion

Parvati epitomizes the archetype of a dream partner. She’s sweet, friendly and kind. She’s a little naive, but you can’t say she lacks intelligence or courage. At the same time, shyness is her regular state. But when it’s crucial, Parvati will speak up her mind bravely. Especially if she thinks your next decision may be a fatal error.

Having an ancient Sanskrit name, she has some charm and mystery about her. All these traits put together, made Mrs. Holcomb the most popular companion character in the entire game, mostly because she feels humane. Especially when compared to a toilet-cleaning robot SAM or pretty humdrum Vicar Max.

Parvati knows a thing or two about machines. But it doesn't stop her from being empathetic and just adorable.

6. Luigi — Wouldn't it be nice if I could raise carrier pigeons here?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 screenshot

Where: Luigi’s Mansion 3

Purpose: Ghostbuster

While Mario is on vacation, Luigi took the role of the leading sibling. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, he’s back to hunting ghosts and solving tricky puzzles. All this must be done, so Luigi could rescue his friends who were tricked by Hellen Gravely to stay in the cursed hotel.

The brave spirit trapper, Luigi still rocks his Poltergust that got a few new features. As he travels through the 15 floors of the possessed resort, Luigi talks to himself, mumbles, whistles and gets easily terrified. Especially when one of the portraits suddenly comes to life. Or when someone like Serpci appears to sic her sand cobras on Mario’s poor bro.

Luigi, shaking with fear, continues his ghost-hunting saga. Will he also nick some towels from the haunted hotel, as a little bonus?

7.  Owl — I’m afraid, I made a bit of blunder

Owl - Sekiro

Where: Sekiro

Purpose: A corrupt father figure

Every great Shinobi needs a guru. A master who will teach them all the tricks of the ancient killer profession. And Owl, also referred to as Father, is that very sacred person. He finds Wolf, who lost his family and clan after a great war that shook the kingdom.

It is when Wolf’s Shinobi saga begins. Wise Owl provides training and future for the young man, teaching him ways of a shadow warrior. And also sharing his life philosophy with the greenhorn neophyte. 

However, Owl doesn’t live up to the Obe-Wan type figure. Instead of remaining a wise guru, at some point, he reveals a secret side of his persona — ambitious power craving. In the middle of the game, Wolf will be tempted by the Father to leave his current lord and conquer the world instead.

Things get even darker when it turns out that a few years before Sekiro’s events, Owl tried to kill Wolf. Yes, he would sacrifice his own step-son only to lay hands on the Dragon’s Heritage — a divine power that brings Wolf back to life whenever he’s killed.

Overwhelmed by dark ambition, Owl still has a chance to redeem himself.

8. Cliff Unger — You’re their bridge to the future...

Cliff Unger

Where: Death Stranding

Purpose: A filthy intelligent villain

A character with a rough biography, Cliff Unger quickly earns sympathy. Despite the fact that he’s the main evildoer in Death Stranding. For the most part of the game, you won’t even see him. Cliff presence is elusive and ghostly as he’s a Beached Thing. So, he prefers communicating with the player through BB. 

Cliff is not to be underestimated. He’s an Afghanistan veteran. He’s extremely intelligent. And, like a typical necromancer, he can sic dead soldiers with glowing eyes on you. But despite his semi-demonic nature, Cliff manages to evoke mixed feelings about him in your chest. Yes, he’s bad. But why exactly? You’re yet to find out.

Cliff Unger is portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen, a.k.a. Hannibal Lector. That certainly makes him the best anti-hero of 2019.

9. Greez Dritus — It’s a great ship, but…

Greez Dritus

Where: Star Wars Fallen Order

Purpose: Interplanetary taxi driver and gambler

Greez is just like a cool uncle everybody wishes they had. He’s a pilot/mechanic who gives Cal rides throughout the Galaxy. And also he’s a specimen of Latero — a new alien species that first appear in Fallen Order. 

Rocking some really gorgeous sideburns, Greez brings a humorous vibe into the serious and a bit gloomy narrative of the Fallen Order. However, every alien has two sides. And in Greez’s case, it is his passion for gambling.

After he failed to pay the debt, a price was put on his head. It brings even more enemies for you to deal with — bounty hunters will sure persevere to earn that prize money. To make things even more twisted, it is hinted that Greez possibly contemplated suicide. But helping Cal in his adventures gave a new meaning to his life.

If Fallen Order gets a sequel, we hope to see Greez safe and sound. With even thicker and puffier sideburns. 

10. Jesse Faden — He’s talking in the third person. Always a good sign.

Jesse Faden - Control screenshot

Where: Control

Purpose: Director of some secret Federal Bureau

Jesse Faden used to deal with paranormal stuff since her childhood. Like that one time when she, her brother and a bunch of random kids discovered an item, which opens portals to other dimensions.  

Years later, she witnesses an invasion of some malignant and unearthly entity named HISS. And that led to… her being promoted to the director of the Federal Bureau of Control. So, while a young woman does everything possible to neutralize an interdimensional invasion, she also unravels mysteries of her own past. Of which there are plenty...

What’s Jess’s role in all this supernatural hubbub? Find out in Control!

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