The past decade flew by like a magnum bullet. That means it’s right about time to select the top PlayStation 4 titles the era will always be remembered for. From semi-god simulators to survival horror — we tried to include PS4 exclusives of as many genres as possible. Although, a few games aren’t tied to the only PS4. Still, they are mentioned since they helped unleash the console’s true potential.


God of War IV — Boy!..

God of War screenshot

No top PS game list would be complete without God of War IV. Years later, we meet our old barbarous friend again. He relocated from the warm land or Athens to a Scandinavian forest. And the cold climate seems to cool his temper down a bit. 

The new Kratos is way more mature, thoughtful, and serious. But there’s still that furious fire lingering in his eyes, especially when his family life is put to a threat. 

God of War is a captivating father-son saga. Here you get to learn Scandinavian mythology, chop enemies with the Leviathan axe and also meet Jörmungandr. This is the monstrous snake whose deep voice, when he speaks his ancient tongue, can make you feel uneasy.

Amazing visuals, mature life philosophy from Kratos and revolutionized combat mechanics make God of War IV one of the brightest PS4 games ever. Oh, and not to forget Baldur, whose appearance was definitely inspired by Conor McGregor. 

The Last of Us — I got you, baby girl.

The Last of Us game screenshot

A survival game set in the post-apocalyptic world rarely speaks to your heart. But The Last of Us is a bright exception. It somehow blends a touching story of two lonely people surviving as a duo and the adrenaline-charged combat scenes.

Naughty Dog team really hit the jackpot with the game. We have a gruesome world with marauders, bandits, and rusty debris of the ruined civilization. We have a mysterious cult of lunatic Seraphites hunting after Elie. And of course, there’s a thrilling backstory, which by the end of the game leaves more questions than answers.

The Last of Us II was promised to premiere on May 29, 2020. Hopefully, we’ll find out what happened to Joel and why Seraphites are so stubborn about capturing the brave chick. And maybe we’ll hear a few more guitar ballads from her.

Marvel Spider Man — Go web! Fly!

Marvel Spider Man

A decent Spiderman game seemed impossible. Until Insomniac studio got down to work. And the game was not just normal, bearable or good — it turned out excellent. 

Peter Parker's acrobatics are on the spot, as you spider-travel from one Manhattan’s skyscraper to another. Spiderweb mechanics are not disappointing either: you finally can handle the Spidey’s sticky superpower with ease and grace.

The recreation of New York’s central borough also deserves to be applauded. Its cornucopia of streets and alleys, architecture facsimiles, and even the Avenger’s Tower can easily compete with the GTA’s open world in terms of optic beauty. 

Not to mention an awesome variety of missions. How about an epic battle with Shocker amidst piles of money? Or putting your brain to work when hacking Oscorp? Or chasing down a pigeon who has a flash drive you need? Spiderman Marvel serves a marvelous cocktail composed of action, stunning acrobatics, and Spidey’s trademark irony.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain — This is a sneaking mission

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain game screenshot

MGS V isn’t a PS4 exclusive. But it still deserves to be here, since it’s one of the best stealth games the console has ever seen. And rightfully so — where else would you get so many sneaking missions disrupted by your weakness for grenade launchers, C4 or the Nosorog tank?

Big Boss has never been better than in Phantom Pain. He sneaks alone inside a Soviet base and carries his friend Miller out. On his shoulders. Although Kaz has definitely put on a few pounds in captivity, he’s not scared to single-handedly battle the dreadful bipedal robot Sahelnthropus.

But what really made this mastermind of sabotage look humane was the speechless romance with Quiet. These two barely utter any words. Yet, they form a majestic tandem — wasn’t it cool to have Quiet shoot one of the Skulls on your command during a mission?

As Kojima’s farewell game on the series — at least he promised so — Phantom Pain has a truly grandiose finale. Snake fights a whole army solo, using his best knowledge of tactics and explosive ammo. And he’s going through that hell to rescue Quiet… He had no option. He’d have to do a lot of talent scouting to find another skilled sniper like her.

Uncharted 4: The End — Goodbye, Drake face

Uncharted 4 game screenshot

Our charming rascal Nathan Drake hops back into treasure hunting. This time he accompanies his brother. And boy, the game is filled with the bittersweet vibe of saying last goodbyes. 

Although Drake is after a huge stash of pirate gold, we can’t help but notice it’s not profits he cares about. This is mostly his brother, whose life he actually saves with that gold hunt. And once the thieving siblings are successful, and he’s bro out of danger… Nathan wants to pack his things and leave. Yes, the adventurous burglar has changed. A lot.

In Uncharted 4, you get to savor for the last time everything the series was famous for. There will be brain-twisting puzzles and tricky platformers. And of course, bombastic cinematics — an Uncharted game can’t be real without them. Only this time, Drake’s face is as visibly clear as a tear. Uncharted 4 has everything to treat the old-time fans with. And Nathan Drake, the #1 thief on PlayStation, retires with dignity. 

Ratchet & Clank — Have a qwarktastic day!

Ratchet & Clank game screenshot

Ratchet & Clank is an example of an awesome remake. Well, to be honest, it’s not a remake. But rather the old-school game form the PS2 times reimagined. But the final result is positively above all praise.

Young Lombax Ratchet and his loyal robo-buddy Clank still fight the evil. The story reveals Racthet’s struggle against Dr. Nefarious and Alonzo Drek. The latter, just like Darth Vader, makes whole planets disappear, using Deplanitizer. And for Ratchet, who dreams of being a Galactic Ranger, fighting the lunatic tycoon is the only way to join their ranks. And not just join, but lead them!

This game, designed as a gorgeous 3D cartoon, will surely bring a nostalgic tear to your eye. But there’s no time to get all soft and mushy! Missions, especially boss battles, in Ratchet & Clank will make you sweat a bit.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Before the world ends

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that shows what will happen to us if we let corporations dominate. And also build robotic dinosaurs the size of a lighthouse. Its open-world biome is a postapocalyptic wasteland. And exploring this forlorn place solo feels quite meditative, to be honest. 

Something is mesmerizing about the role of almost a primordial hunter. When you lay an ambush, spend hours on a tough quest or explore scorched ruins of what once was the thriving civilization — it feels refreshing. 

But it’s not just about meditative scavenging. Horizon Zero Dawn knows how to keep you on your toes as well. When you hear a Thunderjaw, Sawtooth or Rockbreaker screeching at the top of their metallic lungs behind your back — brick-laying is almost inevitable. It’s guaranteed. 

Luckily Aloy, the cybernetic hunter-gatherer, knows how to keep them at bay. There’s a whole arsenal of bows and slingshots that she can employ. Explosive, electric and stun arrows guarantee that she’ll have some happy hunting. But how does one roast a robo-dinosaur’s leg? 

Bloodborne — Nights are scary. Scary Indeed.

Bloodborne game screenshot

You might think that a studio that brought us Dark Souls doesn’t need to prove anything anymore. And yet, Bloodborne is a true gem. It doesn't outshine the phenomenon of Dark Souls. Yet it can deliver a good portion of dark vibes and jitters to the player.
The game quickly sucks you in with its somber aesthetics. In no time, you’ll become a veteran hunter who pursues the frightful game: werewolves, lycanthropes and other ominous Beasts. 

But as you proceed with your dangerous quest in the Gothic metropolis of Yahrnam, you’ll realize one thing — reality around isn’t what it seems. And the most mundane, normal and predictable things hide a layer of macabre truth underneath. So macabre, you can’t tell real world from a bizarre nightmare anymore. 

Journey — Within the sound of silence

Journey game screenshot

Journey is one of those PS4 games that doesn’t say a lot. But you keep listening. This bizarre adventure is almost like an endless runner. Your goal is to reach to the nameless mountain that glows majestically somewhere behind the horizon.

You’ll travel through a desert where a mighty kingdom once was. Shrines, ancient temples and other mystical stuff will rise on your way. You’ll fly like a kite, almost touching the clouds. And even do some smooth skateboarding.

This is a perfect game for meditation. It has no dialogues. Only Zen music and atmospheric sounds of a desert, falling snow, or ruthless storms. And now and then, you may bump into a nameless player. No chatting will ensue. But you can get a useful tip. 

The journey can be described as an inspirational and mind-cleansing experience. Much like Alto's Adventure, it does a great job at stress-relieving. Though it’s eight years old now, why don’t you try and reach that mystical mountain? 

Until Dawn — Oh, f*ck, nuggets!

Until Dawn screenshot

Well, Until Dawn is a controversial choice. Some praise the game for its scary and intoxicating vibe. Others claim it falls short in delivering heebie-jeebies. But in all honesty, you won’t find another PS4 game that does such a marvelous work on possible scenario outcomes.

It's up to you and the decisions you make whether the characters stay alive in the end. And every decision made triggers a chain of events that seem pretty unpredictable. Besides, there’s a stellar cast of actors, in which Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) appears as one of the characters.

New Decade = New Game Cavalcade

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