Writing is everything when you are in college or school. Essays, reports, thesis, course projects… So much paperwork! The situation gets tougher when your head is filled with historical dates, chemical formulas (formulae?) or the definition of habeas corpus. There’s just no room for grammar rules anymore. Luckily, there are some awesome apps and services that will make your English writing fine and dandy. And grammatically correct too, of course.

Dictionary.com: English Words

Dictionary.com app screenshot

Dictionary.com is an app that can give you a killer vocabulary. Just imagine; 2 million words, terms and definitions. It is 66 times more than Shakespeare’s legendary lexicon! And with such a barrage of new speech units, your writing can be more powerful than ever.

You will find in the app specific terminology. It’s perfect for writing science articles, documenting research, or describing an experiment. Would you also like to embellish a critical essay with smart-sounding expressions like non sequitur or quid pro quo? Or maybe find a beautiful synonym to a mundane word? Dictionary.com is what you need.
The app will also be your personal language tutor. It has a feature Word of the Day. Use it to expand your vocabulary. After that, put your memory and understanding of them to test with the app’s quizzes. And to help you grasp the meaning of a new word/idiom, there will be a laconic and memorable explanation.

The app’s core functionality is free. Its premium version provides example sentences, rhyming dictionary, etc. The price starts with $0.99 depending on a plan.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a service that will make you a champion at doing homework. There will be no ready-made answers to history pop-quizzes or solutions to geometry problems. No, instead, you’ll get a planner that will prepare homework, test and examination schedules for you.

There are various schedule types presented in the service: 

  • Rotating.
  • Classic.
  • Block.
  • Alternating, etc.

You can easily sort your assignments and homework by date, subject, class, teacher’s name or whatever you prefer. And once sorting is done, arrange them in order according to their priority. For more convenience, you can add emails, phone numbers and Facebook links to your schedules. This makes collaboration pretty simple.

To top it off, iStudiez Pro is compatible with calendar apps. For example, you can synchronize it with your Google Calendar. Once you add an event —  like North Carolina science festival — it will be automatically added to your iStudiez as well.

A nifty bonus is a cumulative GPA calculator to monitor your academic achievement. The app will also make sure that you won’t forget a single upcoming exam. It’s push notifications will remind you to begin studying in advance.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner is free to use but includes weekly, monthly and yearly plans.


iGoWrite app screenshot

iGoWrite is an app that is a secretary, editor-in-chief and proofreader at the same time. And also, an adviser and language mentor who knows how to rearrange words or when to apply a fancy synonym.

Yes, it is that versatile. Using its templates — narrative, persuasive, descriptive, expository — you can turn a bundle of ideas and phrases into a logically structured essay draft. Just a few taps, and you already have a foundation for a stellar piece of writing.

The app is also a language expert. It will provide tips on rewriting sentences or making a better word choice. Tautologies and stylistic mistakes will become the thing of the past, thanks to its clever algorithms.

What’s even cooler, the app supports voice input. In case you don’t feel like typing at the moment, you can get in a hammock or on a sofa and dictate the peacefully flowing ideas right into the phone’s microphone. The app will write all of them down, following spelling and grammar rules.

The number of essays you can write is unlimited here. Whether you’re preparing another analytical assignment for a Roman law class or writing a competitive essay for the state’s finals — iGoWrite has got your back.

iGoWrite can boast of some excellent features. But this excellence comes at a price of $1.99. 

Hemingway Editor 

Hemingway Editor 

Hemingway Editor is an online service for proofreading. It won’t make your writing as good as that of Ernest Hemingway. But instead, it will delicately correct every little mistake, put every comma in its place and alert you if three successive sentences begin with the same word.

Hemingway Editor has a clever assessment algorithm, which gives your writing a readability grade — from 1 to 10. It watches your text like a hawk, detecting:

  • Unnecessary adverbs.
  • Hard-to-read sentences.
  • Too many uses of passive voice.
  • Phrases that can have simpler alternatives.  

With Hemingway’s help, even a dry text can turn into a metaphorical candy. Besides, Hemingway Editor counts characters, letters, words, phrases and sentences. So you can write your essay right in the editor and know when to stop. After that, hit the Edit button, and let the famous novelist’s namesake do its magic.
Hemingway Editor is absolutely free to use online.

Writers on the storm

Now you know which tools can improve your writing. Don’t hesitate to use them because a well-written text and mastery of language may dramatically affect your academic success. If words are weapons, be sure to load your arsenal with as many as you can.

Do you know any other apps that deserve to be on the list? Share your knowledge with us!