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1Weather is an application tracking the weather. It meets all your requirements and expectations as to weather information. It is a simple and even beautiful software tracking current weather conditions and forecasting in an errorless way. Download 1Weather on your mobile device and enjoy being informed of the conditions within the location you are interested in and get real-time updates.


This application notifies you about the outer temperature and precipitation forecast. It provides plenty of additional features containing Doppler radar, reminding phases of the sun and moon. This feature-packed app allows you to know everything you should to make your everyday life convenient and safe avoiding to get wet under rain and make your plans in accordance with the weather. You can track current conditions and forecasts for 12 locations at a time. 

The app suggests charts and graphs with exact data about temperature, humidity, visibility, wind speed, dew point, barometric pressure, POP, and others. You will get forecasted for 2 days updated every hour and an extended one for 10 days. There is an exclusive option – a forecast for 12 weeks which is very useful when you plan your vacation or some event. You will be shown the maps with corresponding marks. Here you can enjoy fullscreen mode and get satellite map views. There are also videos. 

Severe Weather Alerts are available only in the territory of the U.S. In addition, the information about Sun and Moon is offered like Sunrise and Sunset Time.  It is not difficult to share weather conditions with your family or colleagues to prove your plans or warnings. Do it, using email and social media. 


This app is characterized with stunning design, making such simple information as the weather forecast funny. You will get access to all its features easily. Enjoy vivid background and dynamic picture backgrounds with animals, vehicles and sports. You can even be creative and make your own background.

Ease of use

This app is easy to use. But if you do not want to search for needed information, just set notifications with current conditions and get them on your mobile device. You can add alerts in case of severe weather with optional sound or flash not to miss them. If you feel confusion, please, enter Tool Tips and get more information about features and use them with benefits.


  • Beautiful design with customization;

  • Easy to use;

  • Free of charge. 


  • Bugs are possible;

  • Available in English only.

Don’t Let the Weather Ruin Your Plans

This application is a perfect instrument for planning any event in the future and everyday life in accordance with the weather conditions. It is so simple and full with options that can be used for fun even.

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