7-Eleven, Inc.

  • Developer: 7-Eleven, Inc.

7-Eleven Inc. is an application that was created by 7-Eleven company. With the help of the application, you will be able to see the nearest 7-Eleven stores. In addition, the application will provide you with various coupons. With the help of the coupons, you are able to buy free drinks or have a discount on certain products. You can also get savings by scanning the barcode of the product you just bought in the 7-Eleven store.


After you have started the application, you will be able to search for the nearest 7-Eleven store. Moreover, you can filter stores. For example, you can select stores with an opportunity to wash your car or fill the auto with fuel or diesel. You can also tap the Deals section, where you will see the exclusive deals. You can buy various snacks and food much cheaper than usual. 

In addition, you are able to pay for the drinks and snacks with the help of the 7-Eleven Inc. Just scan the barcode, and you will be able to pay for the product within a few taps. You can get a reward point while buying some food. To get points, scan the barcode every time you buy the product. You can redeem bonus points on various snacks and drinks. To do so, tap the Rewards button that is located on the main menu. There you will see all the products. Some products you can buy for free. Just use your points! 

By the way, if you buy, for example, 6 cups of any drink (coffee, Slurpee or any other), you will get the 7th cup for free! It should be mentioned that it is not necessary to buy all the 6 at once.


7-Eleven Inc. uses a minimalistic design. It is really easy to understand how the application works because all the sections are sorted. They are clearly visible, and the text is highlighted. The design is not monotonous. It is colorful and bright. The background of the application is white.

Ease of use

7-Eleven Inc. works fine. There are plenty of positive reviews on the Google Play Market and App Store. In order to download the application, your Android version has to be 5.0 and up. Before using the application, you will have to give access to your camera (in order to scan barcodes) and location (so you could find the nearest store). There were no visible problems while using 7-Eleven Inc. application. The app works nice without crushes and bugs.


  • You can find the nearest 7-Eleven store;

  • You can have special coupons;

  • You are able to pay for the product within a few taps;

  • You can spend bonus points on a portion of free food.


  • You can use this app only if there are 7-Eleven stores in your county.

The Final Thoughts

We recommend you to download 7-Eleven Inc. especially if you often visit 7-Eleven stores. The application provides visitors with various bonuses. You can save some money with the help of the app, and get various discount coupons. 7-Eleven Inc. uses a straightforward interface. The app does not crush and works properly.

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