Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

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  • Size: Varies with device
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Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free application for managing standard documents. It is probably the most popular and reliable system in the world. You can view different content here in PDF format, edit it, insert your signature, and even annotate. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to benefit from all its features on the go.


You are allowed to view PDFs, opening the documents in such format quickly. It is easy to zoom in and out any element on a page. There is a scroll mode allowing you to look through a large number of pages easily. In order to leave comments, you are suggested to use drawing tools and sticky notes. Mark up text and create comments list which can be used by several users. Thus you are able to work at the document with your colleagues or friends due to providing access to it. 

You are able to share documents quickly to get someone’s signature on it. Just create links and send them via email without any additional efforts. Or send the paper for consideration and get it back with a comment, view them and response.

You can track the amendments in the shared file, look through the changes made in a previous time. When you scan documents, you can edit them if Adobe Acrobat Reader making the same actions: viewing, amending, signing and sharing. Now it is easy to fill any forms in typing your data into correspondent fields. There is a PDF filler feature allowing you to e-sign document with your finger even on the devices supporting such an option. 

All files can be stored across your device and you are able to get easy access to them just as to other files stored here. You can connect to your Dropbox account to get other kinds of storage like Google Drive. And you can print the PDF files from your smartphone. 


User interface is clean and uncluttered. You can be sure to provide powerful and simple PDF management without much efforts. Just follow instructions on the screen and get what you expect of it.

Ease of use

This app is easy to use but it requires some mastering. There are a lot of options which should be learnt if you want to take all the advantages of this useful tool. You can even choose the color of your annotations or signature. Apply blue, red or black ink. Being absolutely free with all those stunning capabilities, the app suggests you even to improve them and to subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe PDF Pack, or Adobe Export PDF. 


  • Packed with options;

  • It works smoothly;

  • Absolutely free.


  • Bugs are possible;

  • Slow loading sometimes.

A Perfect Tool

This application is an irreplaceable tool for those who work with digital documents often, This is a must-have for office employees, students, teachers, and everyone in general. Being full of features it is updated all the time improving its performances and it makes editing and signing of documents easy and fast.

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