Allstate Mobile

  • Developer: Allstate Insurance Co.
  • Size: 69M
  • Version: 14.0.0

We strive to help our readers in making confident financial decisions, so we analyzed different insurance apps. We considered cost as the key factor and compared apps accordingly. Allstate Mobile rated well on pricing and we found the rates lower or around average than other insurance firms. 

In our view, Allstate has been able to leverage its good reputation and brand awareness to target the new generation of buyers with an innovative app and unique customer experience. AllState Insurance Co. launched its mobile app in 2010 to serve its customers anytime. It is available for free download and compatible with Android and iPhone devices. 


While we can’t comment on Allstate’s insurance quality, the app works really well. It includes many features, such as:

  • Rewards for good drivers;

  • Digitally access proof of insurance;

  • Agents can be contacted instantly;

  • Agent’s information and policy documents can be viewed online, these can be emailed directly from the app;

  • Report and manage claims;

  • Take photos from mobile and upload them directly for claim if an accident occurs;

  • On-demand roadside assistance;

  • Manage communication preferences;

  • Additional features to help you during your trip.


We give full marks to the app’s design which is pretty clean, information is well organized and easy to find. Users can quickly obtain quotes, policy, coverage and claims details along with various tools through the dropdown menu on the home screen. The app offers enhanced customer mobile experience with step by step instructions for different processes. 

Ease of Use

We consider Allstate app very valuable for its policyholders as it enables them to view their documents online; even email them easily and securely. 

Unlike competitors’ apps, Allstate app offers information of various policy types such as auto, home, boat, etc., easily on mobile. Users can take help from on-demand checklists of steps in case of any accident. They are able to capture photos of the damaged area, enter driver and witness information and report a claim instantly.


  • Quickly record driver and witness information in case accident happens;
  • Easy reporting/submission of claim;
  • Digital Locker safely stores personal property photos.
  • Accessible anytime;
  • Lots of discounts.


  • App drains smartphone batteries;
  • Bad Picture quality, may delay the claim process;
  • Sometimes the app does not capture data;
  • Digital ID card problem;
  • App crashes after update.

Our Take

Undoubtedly, Allstate mobile app offers an easy and faster way to settle a claim. New additional features such as parking locator, gas finder and car buying service make it a perfect insurance app on the go. To put in simple words: “you are definitely in good hands with Allstate Mobile”.

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