America's Got Talent on NBC

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  • Size: 13M
  • Version: 1.4.0

America’s Got Talent is one of the most popular TV-shows in the world, in which average people from all over the USA come to show off their talents and win money. AGT official app allows you to watch live shows, vote for contestants, and record the broadcasting directly into your device at the same time. 


America’s Got Talent app allows you to sign in using your NBC profile. It’s required for voting for your favorite participants of the grand talent competition. You are also allowed to download the most impressive performances directly into your smartphone or tablet for free. You can also share your favorite clips with friends on any social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. America’s Got Talent on NBC app is also a profound source of the latest AGT updates and news. You can explore the app to read articles and watch additional content. AGT’s official Twitter account is integrated into the app, so you don’t have to switch between apps to read it. 

The app allows you to use personal buzzers for voting. It enables you to become a part of the show and influence the outcome of events. You can use regular buzzer and the golden one. It’s available only once per show as it gives your highest preference mark to the best artist, so you have to be decisive. Your voice may change the game. 


America’s Got Talent is a neat application that preserves the style of the show. You can easily access features from the sidebar menu. You can tap the icon with 3 stripes at the top of the screen to open it. All buzzers are animated. When you use the golden buzzer, the confetti explodes on the background. 

Ease of use

America’s Got Talent app is useful not only during the live show. First of all, there is a timer on the home page. It shows how much time left to the nearest episode of the show. Before it goes air, you can watch the Featured Video section to refresh important events of the previous show and to find out something new. You can also go to the news menu and explore what happens between the episodes. 


  • Personal buzzers for online voting;

  • Integrated show countdown live timer;

  • Colossal video library with performances and best bits;

  • All the latest highlights and news;

  • You can save your favorite acts.


  • No audio of best singers;

  • Minor interface lags;

  • Streaming quality is not adaptive. 

Get Ready to Buzz

America’s Got Talent on NBC is a show that needs your participation. If you are a fan of it and wish to help judges to make the right choice, then this application is for you. It provides you with a comprehensive set of features for real-time viewing, voting, downloading, and sharing of content. It only lacks an option to comment videos and put likes or dislikes under. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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