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  • Developer: Amino Apps
  • Size: 49M
  • Version: 2.7.32322

Amino is an app offering you a number of online communities in which you can participate and speak to others who share your interests. The application is available for download for modern Android and iOS devices.


Amino is a large network of different communities, which means that you have many opportunities to find those that you are interested in and chat with people who share your views in just a few clicks. In the app, you can easily search for communities and discover those that you want to join. It is possible to read blogs and watch videos on the topics that you find exciting and share the ones that you like with other users. Some communities in the app are open to everyone while others are more private and require you to be approved by its administrator.

Just like any other person using Amino, once you install this application on your device, you are also able to create your own blogs. You can easily customize your profile and make posts about any topics that you want. You can even create fun polls for other users to complete in order to test their knowledge related to certain themes, such as K-Pop, anime, or anything else in between.

It is possible to chat with people in groups and you also have an opportunity to have a conversation with someone one on one. The standard messaging function is available and you can send fun emojis and stickers to make your conversations more exciting.  


The design of this app is aimed at younger people and is suitable for the genre of this app. The background features darker blue and purple colors while the additional elements are more colorful. All users can choose profile and blog images, which also add some character to the overall atmosphere of the app.

Ease of Use

The app is definitely straightforward and easy-to-use. It uses modern user interface templates so you won’t be confused about how to use it if you previously used any messengers or social media apps in the past. You can easily see what a certain community is all about by the title and see if you want to join based on it. 


  • Free app available for Android and iOS phones;

  • Many ways to interact with people;

  • Possibility of creating your blogs and polls;

  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Ads;

  • Some bugs and lags occur.

Entertaining Space for Likeminded People

The Amino app was created with the intention of bringing people together and it does this successfully. In the app, you can connect with others in communities based on your particular interests or create your own. It is a fun space for chatting with others and it has everything that a great messenger should. Overall, it’s a great app for talking to people both one on one and in group chats. You can download this application for your Android or iOS smartphone.

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