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CNN is a well-designed application allowing you to get access to the CNN channel providing the hottest news in daily mode. You will get the latest information about events within any field: politics, economics, business, sports, culture, nature, entertainment, and others. It is easy to download CNN app and be always aware of what is happening around you.


CNN has been very popular for almost 40 years already and proved its deepness and professional attitude at any level. It is the first all-news TV channel launched in the US. Now it delivers news for 24 hours every day without a pause and you can count to stay informed even on the go thanks to this application available on your mobile device. You are allowed to watch news live and video on demand, though live TV is only for US users only. 

You will get updated information about the stories which continue developing and receive detailed coverage from the experts. In order not to miss any broadcasting you can customize news alert and enjoy to be always the first to know. You can watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television now at any time and in any place. Enjoy in-depth stories supported with video content and rich galleries with interesting photos. There are plenty of news programs with smart and popular hosts. Even CNN Films winning honorable awards are available here. Watch original series and entertain yourself on the go. 


This app has a modern and comprehensive design just as you can expect from the CNN brand. It is constantly upgraded and the latest version is released in May of 2019. You can count on a stability improvement, clean layout, and still stunning content prepared with skilled journalists of this channel.

Ease of use

Do you want to know the latest news? Just tap into it preferring CNN. There is nothing complicated in this app. You will find a clean uncluttered interface with comprehensive and useful settings where you are offered to mention location and to set news alerts. Navigation is extremely simple as well as a visual presentation of the news. You will get to any headlines you want without much effort and difficulties. If you prefer this app without limits, you are expected to log in with your US cable or satellite provider credentials.


  • Though there is a prescription for the app, also there is a 10-minutes free option for every day;

  • Perfect content from the reputable channel with wide coverage;

  • Simple navigation.


  • There are restrictions for non-US viewers.

Anything You Want to Know

This application is a real must-have for everybody almost. You can hardly find a person who is not interested in the news. Thus, if you prefer to stay up to date with what is happening, you should install CNN on your mobile device. You cannot compare any other news source with this quality and diversity.

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