Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

  • Developer: INFOLIFE LLC
  • Size: 6.0M
  • Version: 3.3.4

If we were asked about the software which should be one anyone’s phone or tablet, we would recommend Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall without any hesitation. It was originally released in November 2010 by InfoLife LLC and currently available only for Android devices free of cost. Hopefully it will be introduced for other platforms soon because it makes deleting apps so much easier so that we will never want to try any other app.


We love it because:

  • It uninstalls unwanted programs and frees up storage with a single tap;

  • The home screen lists all apps, version and the space they occupy – all  information is there;

  • Apps sorting by date, size or name filters;

  • We can remove all selected apps in one go as this app offers batch uninstall feature;  

  • The app quickly populates leftover apps on the screen, prompting us to remove them; 

  • It offers additional features such as battery tracking; users can clearly see which apps are draining smartphone’s battery and remove them;

  • You can use Apps tracking to view and uninstall apps not in current use; 

  • It is also the easiest way to scan your Android devices to virus using the virus scanner option.

We also tried other features such as uninstall history. There is another option for setting a reminder to remove unwanted apps when the phone’s storage reaches a certain level. We can even set a reminding frequency within the app. 

This app is so efficient that everytime we opened a game, an uninstall notification popped-up. Depending on the usage, this can be disabled in the settings otherwise it keeps running in the background even if you close the app.


The home screen design is very clean, simple, easy to navigate. It shows apps’ names in bigger font along with the logo. We also like the blue and white color theme which has a good impact on user’s mood as information is easy to recognize. 

Ease of Use

We have this app for a while now because it does what it says- “easily removes numerous unwanted apps in less than a minute”. We can directly select an app using the checkbox next to its mane, and simply scroll down to select more.


  • Quick uninstall with single tap;
  • Lists all information for apps;
  • Remove many apps at once;
  • No repetitive menus;
  • Simple to use even for a non tech-savvy.


  • Only available for Android platform;
  • Can’t remove pre-installed applications due to system restrictions;
  • Notifications pop-ups unless disable in settings are annoying.

Our Take

We definitely suggest using this app for so many reasons. Even a layman can easily install and use it. It lists all apps with related information on the home screen and users just need to select them for removal. It even tracks unused and suspicious apps draining phone’s battery. Its is definitely user friendly and worth trying.

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