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Fortnite is a battle-royale game that became popular in a short time. Your mission is to be the last man survived. You will have to play against 99 more players. Usually, the player with the better loot (equipment) wins. But it is not enough to have a nice weapon. You have to be skilled enough to shoot with it. Fortnite was released in 2017. You can download Fortnite on Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS platforms. More than 100 million players have downloaded Fortnite on their devices.


There is no plot in Fortnite. It is an online multiplayer third-person shooter. Your main goal is to become the king of the hill. The maximum number of players on the map is 100. Each player chooses the place where he wants to land. After that, your mission is to find weapons, armor, and resources. 

The playable area will become smaller every few minutes. Players will have to shoot each other in order to win the match. The player who is the last person alive in the match wins. Players can construct walls, roofs, and stairs in order to hide from the opponents. There are three types of resources – stone, wood, and metal. The durability of your construction depends on how much resources you have found. If your buildings were damaged, you can repair the parts by using the obtained resources. 

Players can team up with friends and play squad matches. In the squad match, you will have to play against other squads. If one player from the squad dies, others can continue playing. The squad loses the game when the last man from the squad gets killed.


Fortnite uses 3D graphics. It is a third-person shooter. The graphics in game look nicely detailed, but it should be mentioned that the picture is not realistic at all. All the shadows are nicely done. The trees and grass look beautiful. But developers decided to use cartoon-like graphics in order to attract younger players. The graphics is colorful and bright. 

Replay Value

You can play Fortnite as much as you wish. Each match is unique, you will find a different loot. It is not easy to get to the top 10 in Fortnite because it requires some skill. There are plenty of tactics you can use while playing, so it will take some time to get used to the gameplay.


Controls in Fortnite are similar to other first-person shooters. It is not hard to get used to the controls, but it may be hard to shoot properly because each weapon shoots differently. You can change the key bindings in the game settings.


  • You can play the game with friends;

  • The game is free to play.


  • Some people may not like the graphics.

Is It Worth Your Attention?

Fortnite is worth your attention especially if you are a fan of the battle royale genre. We recommend you to download Fortnite. The game is interesting and gripping. Many people play it, so it will not be hard to find opponents.

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