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  • Developer: FOX News Network, LLC
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Version: Varies with device

As we dug deeper to find the best app for all news junkies out there, our top pick is “Fox News” which offers real facts and information to let you stay in the loop. Originally released in April 2015 and developed by Fox News Network LLC,  it is available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms free of cost. 

It also supports iPad and Apple Watch and iPad users can keep news and video tabs on the screen when using other applications. Its versions vary with devices but easily fit into everyone's busy schedule. 


We are sure no other app is as amazing as this one in terms of customization and comprehensive news coverage. There are five tabs at the bottom of the main screen: Home, Browse, Watch, Listen and For You. 

  • The Home tab is full of news headlines but super simple to scan and read; 

  • The Browse screen let the readers discover all the latest stories and videos; 

  • Users can enjoy live videos as well as full episodes of their favorite shows on Watch tab but terms and conditions apply; 

  • The Listen section makes it possible to access podcasts and radio from fox news anchors for people on the go;

  • For You tab has been specifically designed for busy people who want to save selected stories and read them later or share on various social media channels.  


Its structured design help users to easily navigate plus tailor news according to their preferences. The font size automatically adjusts according to the smartphone’s settings. Rotating the phone to landscape mode will change the app’s orientation to full screen. You can also reduce it down to audio mode only. 

Ease of Use 

We find the app very convenient in terms of usage. We tested it on various mobile platforms and accessed multiple features with a single click of a button. These include push notifications and alerts for latest information in different news categories, live streaming, embedded videos and saving stories for later reading or sharing on social media. We could freely browse different stories by simply swiping to the side. 

We also analyzed several online reviews. With so much content and videos, the app might take some time to load on old phones. However, users with the latest smartphones and app versions do not face this issue.


  • Get all the latest stories in seconds;
  • It is free to download and use;
  • Customize the news according to your taste;
  • Multiple options to access news- Read, Watch and Listen.


  • Current version does not support old phones;
  • App takes time to load on old phones;
  • Difficulty in reading text due to the white background.

Our Take

We liked the app due to the many options it offers. It keeps you organized and informed 24/7 on different devices. The best feature is the customization of news feed in many forms according to your preferences.

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