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FrostWire is a free torrent client that makes it easy to download shared files and put them in order. Forget about other torrent downloaders, because here you are offered a lot of functions in one. You can apply a music player, get access to a media library, use a built-in torrent search, an advanced manager, and more.


This free application includes plenty of options, so you can diverse your experience and apply the software for several purposes. Listen to music or download movies to your device in a fast manner. There are no limits as to the speed of downloading or as to the size of a file. 

You are suggested to create playlists in order to be able to listen to downloaded music offline. Be sure to find anything you want easily thanks to the true torrent search built in this app. You can open a torrent file if you want to download it or paste a magnet link in Transfers if you prefer this method. 

There are two ways to store the files. Choose SD Card or Internal Storage. You can use just Wi-Fi to download and set auto-pausing using VPN drop. The built-in music player provides gesture support and a built-in media browser allows you to arrange your files right in the application changing their names or deleting them. Please, mind that FrostWire does not provide any content. When you search for something you need, you get the results coming from multiple torrent indexes. If you fail to find, use Google with a .torrent mentioned. Your internet connection must be stable in order to provide high downloading speed.


The app has a highly intuitive interface. You will easily cope with all features and menu settings and all processes like finding, downloading, and playing will be extremely simple for you.

Ease of use

Being rather simple to use it is packed with features allowing to benefit from its capabilities to the fullest extent. FrostWire operates very quickly due to a distributed P2P file-sharing torrent network which splits the file of any type into little elements and downloads the content from a lot of sources at a time. As a result, you get entire music albums, books, games, heavy HD movies, and other content in the highest quality. It works faster compared with conventional methods. All that you are expected to do in order to download or share is to make one tap. Moreover, during the downloading process you can play.


  • It has an intuitive user interface with a clear layout;

  • There are no advertisements;

  • Customization of most settings are available


  • Installation of undesired apps is possible.

In the Long Run

FrostWire provides you with the highest quality of the result together with high speed compared with other torrent clients and mp3 music downloaders. There are both desktop and mobile versions which are available absolutely for free.

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