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With a huge database of more than 150,000 gas stations across the US, Canada and Australia and 10 million plus downloads, GasBuddy is all about saving people’s money. GasBuddy Organization Inc. released the app for Android and iOS platforms in 2010. It is our top fuel pricing app to survive road trips with real-time information on the best gas stations. 


We believe that in terms of features, GasBuddy is giving tough competition to other apps and ranked among the best fuel saving apps. We will discuss a few primary functionalities here:

  • It lists all gas stations along with low priced ones in the area;

  • Gas stations can be searched using zip code, state or city name;

  • Users support each other with ratings and reviews of gas stations which helps many in getting up-to-date prices;

  • Features tips by other users to help save extra money;

  • Alerts users for price hikes via notifications;

  • Information can be sorted by location, brand, price, etc;

  • Shows recent deals and promotions by local gas stations;

  • Its additional feature “Pay with GasBuddy” allows users to use a special gas card and save a few cents off every gallon bought. Savings can also be redeemed as cashback points on Sears and K-Mart stores and online;

  • Users can also take advantage of deals from selected retailers using “Pay with GasBuddy” card;

  • Gas price heat map is another great feature that helps planning a long trip in advance in terms of price expectations.


The app was redesigned for improved user experience and intuitive interface. Users can quickly navigate and find what they want. The use of different colors, large fonts and big buttons on the home screen increases readability and gives a neat and modern look.

Ease of Use

We find the app super easy to navigate and amazing in terms of engagement and features discoverability. The sign-up process is painless and completely free. The app offers a huge selection of features and tools such as up-to-date information on gas stations nearby,  but in terms of usability, it is simple.  


  • Simple navigation; each station’s information is displayed in a separate section;
  • Shows all stations in an area with last reported prices;
  •  Lets you sort out results by brand and other filters;
  • Displays stations’ features like mini mart etc;
  • Users can win rewards by reporting latest prices. 


  • Banner ads which can’t be removed;
  • Sometimes the website is more helpful than the app;
  • App uses GPS which consumes a significant amount of phone’s battery.

Our Take

We are very impressed that GasBuddy is free to use and no hidden costs are involved. The additional feature of “Pay with GasBuddy” is a perfect alternative for the credit card as it gives users free money or “Shop your way points” as savings. We would definitely recommend this incredibly comprehensive app given its wide acceptance and reward options.

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