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Google Earth is a free application delivering a 3D model of the planet Earth. It is easy to download Google Earth and enjoy beautiful images. Though, you should be ready that detailing  is better within the US countries and the database for the places outside should be expanded.


Google Earth is a stunning tool for explorers giving a full idea of the most distant corners of the planet suggesting images made by time-delayed satellite. In addition, there are icons which reveal interesting facts about those places and offer various services. Find a Look Around button here showing you a place around with the possibility to glance up and down and at any object located 360 degrees. 

There is also Pan mode using which you will explore across the terrain. You are suggested to make screenshots and share them or submit your pictures which will be viewed by other users of Google Earth. There is layers function which makes it possible to learn information about places and even businesses like Wikipedia offers. Here you can think of privacy but still, it is so unbelievable to be able to see the house of your distant relative where you have never been. 

The app allows to mark places with custom icons mentioning personal spots like the best cafes in the town. It is possible to save maps in JPEG format and send them via e-mail using option in File menu of the app. You can exchange small KMZ co-ordinate files with of other users of Google Earth. 


This app is really cool. The app size is 10 MB and that is not a lot compared with the pleasure and benefits you can get from it. It is well-done having a user friendly interface and a lot of options allowing you to personalize the experience. Enjoy high-resolution satellite images when you are viewing different cities with their streets, parks, buildings, and numerous landmarks. There is a birds-eye view of the places.

Ease of use

You can pan, tilt, and spin the maps of this app using your mouse only if you use it on your desk and as a mobile application it is controlled with simple taps and scrolling. You can zoom in and out and get a high level of details. You will definitely cope easily with controls without a guide even. Type the name of a city you want to see using the search bar and you will get the almost immediate result on your screen. Apply Pan mode making simple swipes. In order to zoom out, it is enough to spread fingers touching the screen, while to zoom in you should make a double click.


  • Highly detailed satellite images with high resolution;

  • Very simple to use;

  • Forums are possible. 


  • Intensive bandwidth.

Enjoy the World Around You

With this application, you can see any place in the world whether it is your own house or popular landmarks of different cities without visiting them. You can open terrain and get the most detailed view. This resource provides you with any information at hand if you have a broadband connection.  Watch to stay within your ISPs monthly download limit.

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