• Language: EN
  • Developer: Dennis Vukanovic
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  • Version: 1.7.3

Granny is a 1st-person horror-action indie game by Denis Vukanovic. In this game, you have to play for a guy trapped inside the mad granny’s house, which is full of scary secrets and survival opportunities. 


Granny is not just a granny. She is a severe humanoid monster who hides inside a house situated in a dense forest. The game doesn’t explain her origins, but we may suggest that she is a demon trapped inside the body. She locked your character inside the house to terrorise and kill him. She always repeats her favorite phrase “Do you want to play hide and seek?” 

It’s not clear where the beast comes from, but you can easily assume that she is completely blind and has problems with ears. She hears nearly everything in the house and quickly gets to the source of noise to beat it. You have to be very cautious and remain silent to avoid the horrible woman and have an opportunity to solve puzzles that lead to the escape.

Sometimes she notices you and starts chasing you using her ears. You can get safe by hiding in chests, wardrobes, a car, and under beds. She is not dumb anyway, so you should watch your step to avoid being caught by a bear trap. If you use the same hideaway repeatedly, she would eventually get the idea of where you possibly are and take you out.


Graphics in Granny are not bad as for a mobile horror. Objects around the house are rather polygonish, but the atmosphere of fear is very intense. The design of the Granny monster herself is excellent. This dirty fat long-faced creature with white eyes leaves a strong feeling of disgust. 

Replay Value

Granny is a very hardcore experience with lots of unpredictable conditions. Enemy AI is powerful enough to analyze your activity, so it’s tough to complete all quests in a row without being trapped for several times. You can also play the game on iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows, so you can take the game wherever you go. It’s a great cross-platform experience. 


The control layout in Granny is standard for 1st-person 3D action games. If you play on mobile devices, you have to control the character with the left stick (for walking), the right stick for navigation. Additional buttons serve for sneaking, hiding, and locking doors. You can interact with objects by tapping them. The PC/Mac version supports the default keyboard controls and the gamepad input. 


  • Hardcore horror experience;

  • Logic behavior of enemies;

  • Exciting quests;

  • Available for iOS, Android, Mac, PC;

  • Convenient controls.


  • Some game conditionalities are irritating;

  • The difficulty is too high in places. 

The Horror That We Deserve

Granny is a kind of a horror franchise that doesn’t scare with realism or a complicated story. The idea is extremely simple and immersive due to the quality designed environment and thoughtfully coded enemy behavior.

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