HPlus Watch

  • Developer: HPlus
  • Size: 7.6M
  • Version: 2.6.1

HPlusWatch is an application tracking a user’s activity. It measures your heart rate in all conditions during a day when you have some rest or stay active. It helps you to track your health in general. Download HPlus Watch on your mobile device and get notifications as to performances you should know.


The app detects heart rate which is affected by a number of factors. It depends on your activity, position of your body and even the size of your heart and its condition. Be sure that your emotions and medication, which you take, are not harmful for your heart. Monitor your heart rate careful and remember that deviation can indicate illness, heart attacks, or just mistakes in training causing an increase of pulse. 

In addition, this software is able to track the distance you walk during a day, count the steps you have made and calories you have burnt. Do not forget about the time you spend sleeping. It is very important to get enough rest and this app will help you to be sure you stick with the normal standards. You can set notification and get messages with the above information. There is also an alarm timer option. The app provides with wireless synchronization of the data with your mobile device.


This app is simply designed. The bright red is used to highlight the important charts with realtime HR. On the dashboard page, you will be offered a chart with steps and heart rate measured in total per day. The schedule will display such details as minimal, maximal and average HR, the total distance you have covered, the total number of steps and total calories. You can look through the yesterday data and data summary in the form of weeks, months, years summary charts. Though the pages may look cluttered a little bit, everything is well-arranged and useful.

Ease of use

This app is easy to use. Almost nothing should be done as far as every parameter is tracked in an automatic mode. You can apply numerous settings to adjust it to your preferences. Think of work schedule. You can refuse incoming calls, messages and all-day HR, or let these options be on. It is possible to change a screen save timer and erase user data. Before you start to use this efficient tool, enter your personal information like age, gender, height, and weight. Think over your goals and mention them also. You will get verdict of the app and recommendations of the best sport heart rate for you individually.


  • Strong customization;

  • Multifunctional;

  • Free of charge 


  • Bugs are possible;

  • Available in English only.

Watch Your Health

This application is a perfect and simple instrument to track your key health data and stay aware of your progress as to weight loss. Use it on the go and appreciate its value.

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