• Developer: JibJab
  • Size: 27M
  • Version: 5.1.1

JibJab is an application allowing you to create a funny ecard, short video or GIF with your face or faces of your friends and family. Download JibJab and put a face in the selected format and enjoy. In such a way you can personalize the video with a popular track or dancing Ecards to send congratulations to someone for any holidays.


This app is developed for fun mostly. You will get over 1000 GIFs on various subjects including holidays and special occasions. You can view them on your device for free. Though, if you want to store and send them, you should pay for membership and get access to over 1200 videos and ecards of premium quality and that will cost you $2.99 per month. Enjoy that widest choice of creative elements to make your photo unique.

So, what exactly you are expected to do here. You should add faces and you can do it in a very fast manner uploading a photo. If the picture contains plenty of people, the app suggests faces save automatically. Moreover, it suggests the mouth and face positions which can be also saved making a single tap. Add the faces of whoever you like including pets if you have them. You can make an ecard with your friend or sister and save those videos and GIFs to your camera roll. Share them over Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and have fun. You will get a fresh experience from time to time as far as videos and GIFs are updated frequently.


The nice design does not seem to be complicated. You will find a clear menu on the home page with a top bar consisting of various themes which you can choose by the touch and open the gallery in this category. Find the image or GIF you like and put the picture into it. You can add text activating the correspondent section of the menu. Now your creation can be shared. Just tap Share on the top bar and you will see a list of methods including social media which are allowed for sharing.

Ease of use

This app is well-done and does not require any guide to master the available features. You can snap a selfie and put your face into a picture instead of the face of the character you are going to become. Do it by simply dragging with a tap. Watch the faces animated and have a good laugh.


  • There is a free package allowing to view GIFs, ecards, and videos on your phone;

  • Simple usage;

  • Frequent renewal of the ecards and videos.


  • Bugs are possible;

  • Supervision for kids is recommended.

For any Occasion

With this application, you can entertain yourself. It is good for teens and adults. The library is full of cute content developed by comedians, artists, and musicians. It is dedicated to plenty of occasions like Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving. You can create a mastership if you want to say “Hello”, “I love you”, or “Forgive me” to someone. Send your congratulations with weddings, anniversary, or baby. It is easy to be thankful with this app also.

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