Lexia Reading Core5

  • Developer: Lexia Learning
  • Size: 17M
  • Version: 2.68.147

Lexia Reading Core5 is an application allowing students of K-5 grade to get ready for Common Core in an individualized way. It suggests only reading experience and covers Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Fluency, Structural Analysis, Comprehension, and Vocabulary. Download Lexia Reading Core5 and use this app to move through the lessons using mobile devices.


First, this app is available only as a school tool and cannot be bought by a person as a non-school software. To use it, you should have an account for Lexia Reading Core5 protected with a password. Though, if you buy the correspondent licenses on Lexia’s website, you can get it even as an individual user. Unfortunately, the number of devices supporting this app is restricted. 

The application provides students with a possibility to work in a structured way. They will master reading skills achieving fluency. It will be much easier for them to read and listen to the complicated texts and understand them to the fullest extent. Students will increase both specific and academic vocabulary. But the most useful benefit is the fact that each student is educated in accordance with his peculiarities following a personalized learning path still meeting the strictest academic standards. There is a unique data-driven action plan for every student with the instructions for a teacher. Thus, it is easy to forecast the results of a learner even without testing him.


The app is designed as an important element of a reading curriculum being brightly colored and simply arranged. It suggests personalized programs for students having particular abilities. Here a teacher gets norm-referenced performance data just near the flow of instructions and can check the test and do not interrupt the instructions he receives at a time. The app places students at the level they deserve in an automatic way and this feature is very convenient for independent work at foundational reading skills. It delivers feedback immediately and explains the details assisting students to advance their skills without participation of a teacher.

Ease of use

Regardless of the abilities of a student, the app is simple and comprehensive to use. The instructional intensity can be chosen in accordance with student needs. 


  • There are targeted instructions in all area of reading and phonemic skills;

  • There is no need in test to get progress-monitoring data;

  • It offers game-like environment.


  • Available only in English; 

  • It is not a non-school purchase.


Lexia Reading Core5 is a really helpful technology-based literacy software. The developer has managed to create a program enhancing student literacy and make current technologies available for millions with unique capabilities. The result has been recognized at the national level and efficiency of this application is proved.

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