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  • Developer: FimoNikiApps
  • Size: 9.9M

Hello Neighbor Map for MCPE is an unofficial indie DLC for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which brings you to the voxel version of the Hello Neighbor universe. In this add-on, you can experience over 25 horror maps where you have to solve puzzles and hide from the horrible Neighbor.


Hello, Neighbor Map presents the same scenario as the original Hello Neighbor game. You play as a young boy who decides to explore the house of the strange man from the house in front of his window. Soon you figure out that he hides something horrible in the basement, but all the doors are locked. You have to solve a variety of quests to get keys and reach the lowest floors of the basement. 

The house transforms through the years. Neighbor builds strange constructions of unknown purpose around it, and you have to pass them to get inside, again and again, year after year. In Hello Neighbor Map he is a hostile village dweller, who can throw snowballs and stones, so you have to hide away quickly to avoid being killed. 

This map fully matches the hardcore horror atmosphere of the prototype. The only difference is that the Neighbor is not as smart here, so he doesn’t put bear traps in every place where you have been. You also cannot hide in chests, wardrobes and under the beds, so the only way to escape is to run as far as possible. You can also use the power of crafting and slightly change the terrain to save yourself. 


Hello Neighbor Map presents the same quality of graphics as the original Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can tune the visibility range to raise performance if your device drops framerate, but it’s not likely to happen. The cubical version of the antagonist is quite similar to the original, but a bit funny at the same time. Everything around looks very friendly and you don’t anticipate any troubles, so the game may scare you with random encounters. 

Replay Value

Hello Neighbor Map includes the original story from Hello Neighbor, and several alternative scenarios with different houses. Each of them hides unique secrets and unpredictable circumstances, so it’s very exciting to explore them one by one. Developers did their best to build impressively atmospheric block challenges.


Hello Neighbor Map was built on the Minecraft Pocket Edition mode-development kit, so it has the same controls as the original MCPE. You have to use the left stick to move the character, and the right to navigate, aim and shoot or hit. However, there’s no point in harming the Neighbor as he is much stronger than you, so it’s much wiser to use your creativity to escape.  


  • 24+ original and custom HN maps;

  • Good quality of quests;

  • An immersive exploration of buildings;

  • Minecraft skills help to win.


  • It lacks a horror soundtrack;

  • It’s easy to fool the enemy.

Good DLC for a Couple of Hours

Hello Neighbor Map is an excellent pack of additional content for your Android Pocket Edition. It allows you to try multiple horror universes by installing a small mode. It’s good fun and it’s available for free.

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