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Your phone is a major data hub that helps you manage numerous aspects of your life even if you’re not very tech-savvy. Microsoft Cortana can be a powerful addition to the digital tools you already use to plan and organize your time, automating countless small tasks that you would otherwise have had to perform manually. 


With Cortana, you’ll no longer have to focus on all the minor, but necessary things you have to accomplish on a daily basis. Cortana will remind you of flights, appointments, business meetings, and any other events you may have scheduled. You won’t even have to manually enter the details for most of them as Cortana can use data from your other apps to automatically recognize a future event and add it to your calendar. 

Useful as it may be, the reminder function is far from being the only thing Cortana can do. If you have an early meeting and there’s a traffic jam on your usual way to work, Cortana will tell you to leave earlier or suggest an alternative route if possible. If you’re on the go and don’t want to type in a long search phrase, simply ask Cortana, and the assistant is going to do the rest of the work for you. Finally, if you need to talk to a colleague early in the morning, Cortana can remind you about that as soon as you get to the office. 


The minimalist design of the Cortana app is likely going to appeal to most users because it reduces the learning curve when first using Cortana and contributes to the overall efficiency of the app. The interface features just the right amount of color to highlight the most important information without becoming unnecessarily distracting. The relatively large sizes chosen for fonts, buttons, and icons make sure that there’s no clutter and you can always focus on the most essential details easily. 

Ease of Use

The app is very easy to use thanks to the clear, logical interface. The basic navigation patterns are instantly recognizable even if you’ve never used Cortana (or any other Microsoft apps for that matter) before. The ability to request information and translations by voice also helps facilitate your interaction with the app, almost making it seem like you’re talking to a human assistant at times. 


  • Excellent voice control integration;

  • Great interface;

  • Numerous useful features.


  • Could use better integration with the Android OS;

  • Occasional bugs.

Let Cortana Take Care Of Your Busy Schedule

Microsoft Cortana may still have some minor issues that need fixing to further improve user experience, but it’s still a solid personal assistant app that can help you focus on what matters most and let powerful AI deal with the rest.

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