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Mobizen is a screen recorder app for Android devices that makes it possible for you to make videos easily and without any hassle. Whether you are a gamer or need a screen recording app for other purposes, this app may be just what you need. 


The goal of the Mobizen app is to allow you to make quick recordings of your smartphone screen that you can then share with others. Whether you play games or make any tutorials, this app can become a useful tool to help you make videos without a lot of effort. With the help of the Face Cam function, you will be able to record your reactions and even your voice. When it comes to the video quality, the app allows you to get Full HD videos of great quality – 2k resolution and 60 FPS. It is possible to create long videos with this app and save them on your SD card, which is a definite advantage. 

Besides recording videos, you can also use the Capture option in the app. With this feature, you can easily make screenshots and they will be stored in the gallery on your smartphone. In the setting menu of this app, which can be accessed by clicking the Circle menu, you can customize the app according to your preferences.

Another important aspect of this app that should be mentioned is editing. Besides the obvious recording function, the app comes with a number of useful editing features. You can use the editing tools to trim your videos, change the length, and more. You can add background music to your videos to make them more entertaining. What you can also do is create intro and outro videos and add them to your recordings.


The app design is quite minimalistic and simple. The main colors of the app are orange and white and thanks to them the app looks clean and pleasant. There is nothing special about the design of this application as the main focus is on functionality and making it as simple as possible. 

Ease of use

You don’t have to be a specialist to use this app right away. It is easily customizable and extremely intuitive so you will find everything you need quickly, even when using it for the first time. You can find three main menus at the top of the app and then choose whatever functions you need in the chosen categories. 


  • Several editing functions to improve videos;

  • Allows to record videos and capture screenshots;

  • User-friendly interface;

  • Free application for Android devices.


  • Minor bugs;

  • Ads.

Recording and editing with Zero Effort

Mobizen is an app that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to start recording videos from your device. It is a simple and clean application with a number of functions that allows you to capture a video from the screen and then edit it later directly in the app. Mobizen is a convenient app for anyone who needs to record videos on the go and without using any complicated software.

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