• Price: $180.56
  • Release date: Aug 9, 2018
  • Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
  • Publisher: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Monster Hunter: World is a cross-platform 3rd-person Japanese action RPG that is the 5th installment of the Monster Hunter franchise. Unlike previous chapters, this one presents the open world where you have to help the Hunter to catch or kill monsters that live around the central base of Aster. 


In Monster Hunter: World, you play as a random hunter. You can give him any name. Your Hunter and his assistant are members of the great Fifth Fleet that was created specifically for the provision of support to the people of the New World. Your primary mission is to get close to Elder Dragons and make records about them. These powerful creatures migrate every decade and cause chaos on their way. 

On your way to the new world, you have to escape from one of the biggest dragons, which is bigger than a mountain. Zorah Magdaros, the dragon, is highly interesting to the world, so you have to follow its roots to study it. Soon you figure out that this creature is dying, so you have to hurry. Unfortunately, your ambush fails to meet the expectations and the dragon enters the wrong lands, instead of the dragon graveyard. You have to drive it away to avoid the massive bio-energetic catastrophe. 

Your way is full of other dangerous creatures that you have to fight to keep the balance of the ecosystem or capture for further studies. You have to use various battle mechanics. There are several huge open-world areas for exploration. You don’t have to wait for loading of sectors anymore. 


Monster Hunter: World is powered by Capcom’s proprietary engine MT Framework. This environment allowed developers to create vast worlds with high-quality graphics and optimize them for PC and consoles. The game runs perfect even on medium computers. 

Replay Value

Monster Hunter: World single player campaign walkthrough may take over 40 hours. It’s one of those long-playing franchises that can capture your head for the whole year. You can also take challenges in multiplayer and play co-op missions for 4 players. There’s also an option to create a guild for up to 50 players. Unfortunately, the multiplayer mode is not cross-platform, so you can play only with Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN communities. 


Monster Hunter: World was originally developed for consoles, so it’s perfectly optimized for gamepad input. However, the PC keyboard-plus-mouse layout works perfectly as well. Every species requires an individual approach, so you have to master several mechanics to fight.


  • New massive open-world universe;

  • 40-50 pure gameplay hours;

  • Up to 6 explorations simultaneously;

  • Over 30 new monsters and bosses. 


  • May be too long for some players;

  • Complicated lore.

Best MH Installment

This time Capcom topped themselves. Monster Hunter: World is a gorgeous long-playing experience with impressive action scenarios and the massive universe without any repetitive elements. Both campaign and multiplayer modes are incredibly immersive.

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