Night Owl HD

  • Developer: Night Owl SP LLC
  • Size: 16M
  • Version: 4.2

Night Owl HD is an application providing a tool for keeping any object you care of under control. You can be located at any place at the moment and get access to the video content. It helps you to view your security system without interruption. Download Night Owl HD and monitor your dwelling or any other surveilled place in real-time using your mobile device.


Night Owl’s system includes indoor and outdoor cameras, cables and a TB hard drive. When it is arranged in the house, you can get remote access to the video and images it makes. First of all, you should set up your mobile device with Owl Scan. You can view live video with audio coming from the security system at any moment and place you are located, using WiFi or 3G/4G LTE networks. If you want, you can adjust push notifications in accordance with your individual preferences. 

You can custom the views and save them. This option is available for certain devices only. There can be several channels which are customized even if you do not have access to the DVR physically. 

All images can be saved directly to your mobile device. Share them as well as MP4 videos if there is a need using email or any social media. The app is updated from time to time and as a result you get improved stability providing with better connectivity. You can count here on multi-channel live feeds and multiple DVR system log-on (up to 100 devices). 

Everything in this app is developed on the professional level. The producer takes security very seriously. The streaming video is transferred from local DVR to your mobile device without interference. Nobody gets access to your private information. 


Design is well-done with all those details arranged in a proper way when you will find anything you need within reach. You are suggested a clear menu with files including Saved video, Saved images, and with such features as Live view, Remote playback, Notifications. If you need some assistance, go to the Help section. When you are going to change settings, enter Device Manager in Menu and change data of your device and password if you need.

Ease of use

You will not face any difficulties with this application being extremely easy to use. It will be helpful if you have your warehouse, a shop or even if there is a person at home who needs your attention but you cannot be with him all the time. 


  • Strong customization;

  • Powerful protection of personal data;

  • A lot of useful features.


  • Bugs are possible but they are fixed just after you deliver feedback.

Safety Comes First

Provide your home or business security with affordable options suggested by this application. The Night Owl engineers have done their best to develop a simple and very efficient tool for you to be confident in safety of your family and property. You can count on bug-free push notifications. Now the object you are interested in is protected in a reliable way.

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