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  • Developer: OfferUp Inc.
  • Size: 24M
  • Version: 3.49.0

Listed as number 4 on Google Play and Usage ranking, this mobile-focused marketplace for local buyers and sellers is our favorite alternative to eBay and Craigslist. Why? Because it is the QUICKEST WAY to buy and sell anything! YES, we could literally set up our selling items in just 30 seconds. The app was launched in 2011 by OfferUp Inc. for iOS, Android and web users.


OfferUp’s platform is built on trust where people are helping each other make and save money through a seamless, user-friendly mobile app within the same neighbourhood. It is free for both buyers and sellers. 

It has a verified identification system which uses state-issued documents and FaceBook profiles of every user for a secure transaction. Users are required to create profiles which are then tracked and rated to build trust and enable direct transactions.

Recently sellers were allowed to target and sell items throughout the US against a small service fee. This means buyers will get things outside their neighbourhood free of cost and sellers will have a bigger reach by paying 7.9% fee. Well, it is still lower than Ebay’s 10% fee, so another plus point from us. OfferUp also offers promotional tools for increased product visibility against a small fee. 

For buyers, the app automatically lists items close to their locations to facilitate face-to-face interactions with sellers. On the other hand, sellers can list their items by uploading a picture and sort out the highest bids before contacting potential buyers. 


Being purely mobile-driven marketplace, the app is visually appealing. Home screen lists all information such as large product photos, deals, promotions, and ratings. Its simple layout helps users easily navigate, buy and sell items in various categories through the free mobile application. 

Ease of Use

We also like the fact that the app is stable and operates smoothly as responses to tapping are very quick, you just need a good internet connection. 

The entire transaction is conducted through smartphones, taking and uploading photos of the items, adding their descriptions, communicating with interested buyers via a secure messaging system, and receiving payments through the app.


  • Quick and convenient for buyers and sellers;
  • Easy to navigate app;
  • Great promotions and deals;
  • Community build on trust.


  • Issue in unlisting items;
  • Items not appearing after posting.

Our Take

We give full points to the simple design, functionality, and performance of this app. Users can quickly find items and deals with the help of many filters. Large pictures and minimum details serve the purpose of quick browsing. Users can take help from guides and tips to enhance their shopping experience.

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