Realm Royale

  • Price: Free To Play
  • Release date: Jun 5, 2018
  • Developer: Heroic Leap Games

Realm Royale is a fresh cross-platform free-to-play Battle Royale release by Heroic Leap Games. In this game, you can play for different character classes, customize your unit, develop and fight in massive versus-100 battles.


There is no actual plot in Realm Royale. We only know that it’s a spin-off of the Paladins shooter that took place in a fantasy universe that has faced the conservative industrial revolution. People invented firearms and autonomous mechanisms that gave birth to various kinds of guns, cannons, and sophisticated vehicles. 

The gameplay of Realm Royale is based on traditional Battle Royale guidelines. Every battle starts with a drop-down of 100 players. You have to land in a safe location and loot the nearest chest to get yourself a gun and additional protection. While other players do the same, you have an opportunity to come up with a strategy. Your primary target in every battle is to kill everyone to become the last creature alive and achieve the biggest score. 

There is a unique crafting system that allows you to break collected items to apply details to other items and make them better. This system requires you to reach Forges, special locations that allow you to construct items, and upgrade skills. These spots usually concentrate players around pushing them to fight for a place in the Forge. You can select 1 of 4 character classes, each of which provides you with unique abilities. There is High-Tek Trooper that stands for the warrior class, Radon Flux for the mage, Cyber Rider for the hunter, and the Six-Shot Cyborg for the assassin. Each of them has enhanced skills for specific vehicles and guns.


Realm Royale is developed on the old Unreal Engine 3 technology, but it looks almost as good as Fortnite powered by UE4. All textures and models are rather simple but have a good fantasy style, which makes this franchise easily recognizable amongst other games. 

Replay Value

Similarly to all other Battle Royale games, Realm Royale is an endless game. You can play an unlimited number of sessions per day. There’s also an exciting leveling system that allows you to upgrade specific abilities and your favorite items. 


Realm Royale is perfectly optimized for keyboard-plus-mouse and gamepad input. It’s well-played on both PC and consoles. Even the latest version for Nintendo Switch is very convenient. Casual 3rd-person shooting doesn’t require pro-skills. 


  • Unique fable Battle Royale;

  • Crafting zones in every game;

  • 4 classes with specific buffs.


  • No version for smartphones;

  • No cross-platform battles. 

Battle Royale for Fantasy Fans

Realm Royale is a perfect multiplayer shooter for fans of fantasy franchises. The unique setting and advanced battle mechanics make this title incredibly immersive. You can get the game for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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