Roku Remote Control: RoByte

  • Developer: TinyByte Apps
  • Size: 8.0M
  • Version: 2.2.0

Remotes used to be essential tech items that defined your interactions with TVs as well as cassette and DVD players. However, with the advance of new technology, you can now use your smartphone as a remote for your Roku devices, including Roku Player and Roku TV. After a simple initial setup procedure, that’s one less remote you have to constantly avoid misplacing!


Using your Android smartphone with RoByte allows you to control your streaming box or smart TV in new, amazing ways. With a physical remote, you’re limited to the set of buttons and functions that are predefined by the manufacturer for you. Once you upgrade to a touch screen, you’ll have a lot more possibilities to interact with your Roku Player quickly and efficiently.

The in-app keyboard allows you to quickly type in a search phrase on Netflix or Hulu without going through the ordeal of navigating the screen and selecting every single letter with physical keys. You can also switch between different streaming services and channels straight from the RoByte app, which saves you some unnecessary actions as compared to the physical remote. 

You don’t even have to set up the app in order to get it working – it will automatically scan for available Roku devices and create a list of them for you to manage. This way, you can use your smartphone to control multiple Roku devices in your home. Just pull up the list of connected devices and choose another TV or streaming box if you’re moving to a different room with your phone. 


RoByte doesn’t just emulate a physical remote, it’s a full-fledged app with a user interface of its own. Fortunately, it is also very well-designed, with no unnecessary control elements cluttering the screen and distracting you from the essential functions. The fonts and buttons used within the app are rather large, which is always a good thing in terms of accessibility for different user categories. 

Ease of Use

Apart from glitches that may occur when the connection to the Roku device is lost or interrupted, the app functions really well and is thus very easy to use. Automated setup, user-friendly interface, and excellent functionality all make sure that your interactions with RoByte are pleasant and effortless. 


  • Extremely easy, almost instant setup;

  • Works with tablets as well as smartphones;

  • Nice user interface;

  • Android Wear integration.


  • Some in-app purchases don’t always function the way you expect them to;

  • Occasional bugs and glitches.

Say Goodbye to Clunky Physical Remotes

The RoByte app is a great companion for your Roku devices, especially if you have multiple of those scattered around your home. Investing in paid functions may not be the best idea, but the free ones are likely going to be enough for most users.

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