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Sam's Club is an application allowing you to get the best deals ever buying simple things every day. It is easy to download Sam's Club and save your budget making purchases in a chain of numerous stores. Become a member without a doubt and benefit from access to low prices!


First, you should become a member of this Club and then you will get special prices at goods marketed in stores of warehouse type. Thus, you can count on instant savings on such simple products as home goods and fresh groceries. 

Go shopping online from any place and at any time you can do it and forget about transport expenses. Place your order and get its next-day delivery for free. Want to save even more? Sam’s Club credit card gives you cashback and rewards, plus you can use your credit card as your membership card as well! When you buy something on a regular basis, it is easy to buy it again by turning to the statistics with information about the product you have ordered. 

In addition, you can see a number of purchases of the same product and the date of last purchase. If you decide to buy, you should add a product to a cart making only a single tap. Buy everything including furniture and electronics through this app and get it delivered quickly and accurately. You will enjoy the benefits of being a member of this club.


This app is very well-done with a user-friendly interface. On the home page, you will see a search bar and menu under it with categories of goods you can buy. Then you can check the order status pressing a green button and see a picture of the good you are interested in with a brief description and available offers allowing you to save money. At the bottom, you will see the frequently ordered item which can be tapped and bought again. Here also a simple menu with general categories is located.

Ease of use

When you use such an application, you should follow instructions for particular types of device which you use, because some features can be different. But in case with Sam Club the differences are very slight. For instance, in order to manage your account, you should tap the dot menu tab located at the top of the screen on the iOS device and an icon at the top left corner of the screen if you use an Android device. In order to pay the purchase, you are suggested to use most credit and debit cards and Cash Rewards. Also, you can scan and go, reorder things. Most tasks are performed with one tap.


  • Nice well-done design;

  • You can skip the checkout line when you are shopping in Club;

  • It is completely free.


  • Available in English only. 

Save with the App

You are suggested to choose one of three available methods to save your private time and money. First, you can access instant savings on shocking prices on terms of limited time every day. If you want to refuse restrictions, become a member of Sam’s Club and enjoy low prices. And also you will get free delivery to add to the value of this service even more. Now you understand how beneficial this app is.

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