Simple Radio – Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App

  • Developer: Streema, Inc.
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Version: Varies with device

Simple Radio is an app, which allows listening to FM/AM radios from all over the world for free. Over 45,000 stations are available with this app so we decided that we just have to test it and let you know if it’s worth downloading. 


The search is easy and you can choose whatever genre you like and that includes rock, pop, jazz, news, sports, etc. or you may pick the country, e.g. USA or Canada radio stations. You can even go for a particular state or city and search for let’s say, Los Angeles or New York stations.

The Streema Company’s mission is to simplify the whole process of tuning in and listening to the favorite radio on the mobile device or on the web when you use your computer. Indeed, the selection of available stations is impressive and includes not only local radios but such world-known heavyweight stations as BBC radio, News radio, NPR radio, MRN, WBAP News Talk 820 AM, and also KNBR, 77 WABC, Radios Mexicanas, Radios Latinas, Christian radio, just to name a few. You can cast what you’re listening at the moment on any Google Chromecast compatible device.

We tested several stations and no interruptions or prolonged buffering were experienced. However, some customers did complain that some radios have a bug and the sound stops after 10 seconds or so.  

In addition to this, users complained about disruptive commercials but we would like to stress the fact that the premium version allows listeners to play the radio without app ads while the app owners aren’t responsible for broadcaster’s commercials.


The app has a clean user interface, which aligns with the idea of simple and quick access to the station of your choice. Indeed, many radio apps do complicate the search process of the favorite station and here, with Simple Radio we found that tuning in is much easier than with other apps.

Ease of use

The interface is cool since with this app it’s all about functionality and simplicity. We liked the one-tap access to Favorites and that’s exactly what the customer needs every day whenever he is at home, at work, or in the car. Yes, the app requires an internet connection, either mobile data or ideally, strong WiFi, but you can listen to your favorite station pretty much anywhere and even when you move. 


  • Over 45,000 stations are available;

  • The app is available on multiple platforms;

  • Developers actively work on improving the service and are eager to listen to users’ feedback.


  • When playing some stations, the sound may pause after several seconds

A Great Way to Listen to International Radios

It looks like Streema worked well on its idea to simplify the web radio listening experience. With the Simple Radio app, you can tune in and listen to your favorite station whenever, wherever. Sound is amazing and the app is easy to use. What else could a music lover want?

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