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Spectrum TV is a mobile live TV application that allows you to watch all your favorite channels from your Spectrum TV subscription on the go. You can also use your device as a remote control for your Spectrum TV stationary receiver. 


Spectrum TV allows you to turn any room of your house into a TV viewing hall. You can use it to watch over 250 live channels and over 35,000 on-demand content, such as TV-shows, movies, series, and more. There is a convenient search engine that makes it possible to browse for content using keywords, such as names of sports teams and players, or titles. Smart search can suggest you content that has relations to the word, so you can search something without knowing the exact name. 

You can also use your phone or tablet as a remote receiver controller. Spectrum receivers allow you to switch channels from the phone. Moreover, you can start the recording of content on your mobile device and then rename or delete files. DVR recording is supported only by specific receivers. 

If you don’t want your children to view something, you can easily block channels with PIN-codes. You don’t have to pick channels one by one, because all Spectrum TV channels have an appropriate rating mark. It means that you can set scales for TV ratings and movie rating systems. Do it to clean suggestions and search results from adult content, violence, and explicit language.  


Spectrum TV has a convenient dark blue interface that is rather similar to the UI of the receiver. It allows you to get to every section in a couple of taps by choosing them in the sidebar menu. 

Ease of use

If you want to watch live TV and on-demand shows on the go, you may notice that about a third part of the entire content is blocked. Developers report that this problem is being solved step by step, but they are not allowed to unlock all content for away-from-receiver viewing because of the policies of content providers. However, while you are at home, you can view anything. For example, watch the news during breakfast and new movies in your bedroom. 

To start from scratch, you need a Spectrum TV subscription, an activated account, and iOS 9.0+ or Android 4.4+ device. You also have to be a user of Spectrum Internet provider. 


  • Over 250 live channels to view around the house;

  • Simple and quick navigation;

  • Use your mobile device as a remote;

  • Over 35,000 on-demand shows, series, and movies.


  • The list of on-the-go channels and content is limited;

  • Some movies don’t scale down and may freeze in 3G areas. 

Spectrum Subscribers Must-Have

If you want to have access to your Spectrum TV channels on the go and away from your TV panel, then Spectrum TV app is your only choice. It provides you with a comprehensive list of features for convenient viewing of high-quality content for the whole family.

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