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Now that smartphones and tablets can be found in just about every family, it makes no sense to prevent your small children from using them. Rather than impose restrictions, you can simply download Starfall and help your child learn more about the world and themselves in a fun, playful way. 


Learning is very important for young children, but sometimes they may struggle with new concepts, especially if they’re presented in an abstract, theoretical manner. Starfall is a non-profit organization that aims to make learning fun and accessible for as many kids as possible, so it comes as no surprise that their app is full of valuable content. Some of it is available for free so that you can appreciate what Starfall has to offer before you decide to purchase the full version. 

With the full version, you get access to dozens of educational activities for children aged between 4 and 8. These include watching videos, singing songs, and even solving simple math problems. You can use Starfall to help your child learn to read and do basic math, as well as introduce him or her to colors, holidays, and many other important concepts. 

The engaging activities make Starfall a perfect companion for road trips or long periods of waiting. However, you need to be online to use Starfall, so take that into account when planning things for your kid to do away from home. 


Good designs are crucial for all kinds of apps, but when it comes to those used by children, there’s hardly any space for experimenting or mistakes. With Starfall, the interface design is based on patterns and color choices that are typical for kiddie apps: a mix of neutral and moderately bright colors, lots of pictures, and cartoony characters. Despite not being original in any way, this formula does work well.

Ease of Use

Since the app is meant to be used by small children, its user-friendliness has to be up to particularly high standards. It seems like the developers were fully aware of this, as Starfall is really easy to use even for the youngest users. Of course, being able to read helps navigate the app more effectively, but the interface features enough colorful icons to allow for hassle-free navigation even if your child can’t read yet. 


  • Lots of educational activities;

  • Great content;

  • Easy to use;

  • Fun, colorful design.


  • Some interface elements may be too small;

  • No “download for offline use” option.

Your Child is Going to Love Starfall

If your child enjoys the free version of Starfall, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to invest into the full version and unlock more fun activities. Just bear in mind that you still need an active Internet connection to access all Starfall content, even if you’ve paid for the full version.

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