• Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Size: 2.7M
  • Version: 2.3.11

Steam is the official mobile client of the Steam game society by Valve Corporation. You can use this app to communicate with other subscribers, view group chats, user profiles, check online/offline statuses, read all the latest news of the gaming industry, and get notifications from sales.


Steam mobile app’s primary purpose is to unite members of this huge gaming society away from their computers. This app allows you to view all friends from your contact list and see their real-time statuses. The contact feed is divided into categories, such as Recent Chats, In-game, and Online. In-game category lets you monitor who plays what. This feature is very helpful when you want to join someone instantly. All players who are online are available for chatting via the app. 

You can also use the app to explore the market. You can view New and Popular titles in all categories simultaneously or pick up filters. There is also a Sales tab that provides you with a brief overview of all discounted games and software. You are allowed to attach your credit card or e-payment account to purchase games through the app. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to initiate downloading and installation remotely. You can also add titles to the cart to buy later. You can also view your inventory where all trophies, cards, achievements, and other items are displayed.

There is an integrated authenticator that provides you with an additional layer of security. You can enable this option to be requested to enter a unique password for every next signing in. The key generator will display a code on the screen automatically. Don’t tell it to anyone.


Steam app has an authentic design, which is very similar to the original PC version. The entire app is colored in dark colors, such as blue, green, black, and grey. The navigation is done via the hidden sidebar where all tabs are.

Ease of use

Steam is an elementary application with clearly separated social, marketing, and informational sections. It’s very simple to navigate, send instant messages, track the activity of other users, and purchase new stuff. Enable notifications to get the most recent sales updated and to get new releases as soon as they are out.


  • Private and group chats for Steam members;

  • Simple navigation;

  • Authentic interface design;

  • Stable performance;

  • Exciting news feed.


  • Many lags on old devices;

  • Very obsessive suggestions;

  • Difficult to get reliable support;

  • No voice chat.

Helpful Client

Steam app is an excellent complement to the PC/Mac application. It allows you to keep in touch with all your friends and get all the most recent updates of the marketplace. It’s also a unique source of gaming industry news. This 2.7MB pal is a must-have for every active Steamer.

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