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  • Developer: Stocard GmbH

Stocard is a free application that allows users to keep all the discount cards they have in the application. This feature is very useful because anytime you need a discount card, you can just open Stocard, and use the card. At the moment, more than 10 million people have downloaded the application on their devices. You can download Stocard latest version on Android and iOS devices. Let's see if the application is worth your attention.


First of all, you can lock the application with the passcode or with your fingerprint. After you have started the application, you will see the main menu with a few sections. 

The first section is called Cards. There you will see all the discount cards you have. To add the card, tap the Plus icon that is located at the top right of the screen. After you have done that, you will see a long list of various shops. You will surely find the shop you need. If not, tap the Another Discount Card button. You can also type the name of the shop in the top field. 

After you have selected the shop, you will need to scan the barcode on the card. If the camera cannot scan it, you can type the code manually. After that, the card will appear on the main menu. So, from now, you are able to show the barcode on the till. 

It should be mentioned that the brightness of your smartphone sets to maximum when you are looking at the code. You can also add the front and the back sides of your card. You can delete your cards or add a description of the card. 

The offers section is a section that will provide you with different offers. You can not only see offers from the shops whose cards you own but also from some providers from the regions, you have chosen. The last section is called settings. There you can perform a backup so you do not lose the cards you own.


Stocard uses a minimalistic design. The sections are sorted, and the card's icons occupy a lot of space. The text is clearly visible. Stocard uses white and red colors. The background is white, and you cannot change the interface. The design is intuitive and straightforward.

Ease of Use

The application works perfect. It does not crush or glitch. It also provides its users with all the promised functions. However, some people say that notifications appear very often. They ask you to rate the application. It may be irritating, but this is the only problem Stocard has.


  • You can save your discount cards within a few taps;

  • It is easy to use the app thanks to the simple design.


  • Notifications pop-up too often.

Our Opinion

We recommend you to download Stocard because it is a great application that will help you to save your discount cards. You can have access to any card within a few taps. In addition, Stocard is free to download. With the help of this app, you no longer have to keep the plastic cards. Just scan them, and they will be saved in your device.

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