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  • Developer: Heapsoft
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  • Version: 2.4

Sync iTunes to Android is a utility application for Android devices that allows you to transfer your full music and video iTunes library from any Windows or Mac computer. The app allows you to replicate the entire library preserving all metadata of every file.


Sync iTunes to Android is a simple application that allows you to get all your audios, downloaded podcasts, and videos from the iTunes desktop library. This feature is valuable as there is no other way to transfer media from Apple software to Android without difficulties.

Sync iTunes to Android allows you to preserve all information about every file in place. It means that you can edit cover arts, lyrics, and titles of every track in iTunes and send it directly to your Play Music or any other player via WiFi. 

This app also supports native iTunes playlists, and you can send them your device preserving sequences of songs and the correct order of playlists as well. This feature is extremely valuable for fans of personal compilations as it allows you to listen to full albums and pick the best compositions. 


Sync iTunes to Android has a simple utilitarian design as it’s just a receiver for files. It also includes a file storage browser, which you can use to choose the sync location. The pink menu looks slightly weird, but it doesn’t really matter until the app does what it should. 

Ease of use

Sync iTunes to Android is a smart app. If you start a synchronization, but something suddenly makes you go away, it will remember where the loading was interrupted and continue it from that point any time later. The process can’t be broken even when the computer shuts down accidentally. 

This app also sets your free from manual creating of folders. It delivers all albums EPs into corresponding folders. If you add anything new to the library, the app detects it and adds to the next sync flow automatically. However, you can select files for syncing manually as well. Press Deselect All and pick titles one by one. 


  • Transfers all albums and playlists without mistakes;

  • Starts syncing from the latest place;

  • Detects new songs in the iTunes library to add them to sync;

  • Nearly all actions are automated;

  • Allows to filer tracks and pick them separately.


  • Weird pink interface;

  • The computer version of iTunes may not sync with the app.

Excellent Solution for iTunes Users

Sync iTunes to Android is a great tool for many purposes. You can apply it if you sold your iPod or iPhone and want to save your entire music library and access it on your new Android device. It’s also beneficial if you don’t want to switch to another music software on your computer. iTunes is highly convenient for editing music metadata from torrents and CDs. You should consider that it’s impossible to transfer songs and videos with DRM protection.

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