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  • Developer: Shelter Island Mapping Company, LLC
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Tides Near Me is a free application delivering accurate information about the weather conditions. If you are leaving for fishing trips, download Tides Near Me and be ready for any changes during a day. 


This application allows you to get tides and currents which are occurring near you. You can check the information as often as you want and every time it will be provided in a fast manner. The app uses nearby tide stations selecting from over 5 500 ones located in UK, Ireland, India, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and provide you with current tidal conditions. You will know the time of the last and next tide and current. It shows you the exact time when both the sun and moon rise and set. You have nothing to do it. Just upload and watch the data which are provided automatically including predictions and compiling of charts. 

You are not expected to pay for access to this updated tidal information. It is clear both for a professional mariner and anybody who is not involved in any activity where such data is essential. Just meet sunrise exactly at the time it happens and arrange a romantic party for your second half within this context. This app has a size of 29.4 MB. It will not take too much spare space on your device. Anyway, if you decide Tides Near Me is not useful for you, you can easily uninstall it.


User interface here is intuitive allowing you to find all you need in no time and without thinking a lot. Design is simple and does not distract you from the key content. It will show not only the time when you should expect the tide, sunset or moonset, but also calculates remained time from the current moment. There is a comprehensive map with correspondent marks.

Ease of use

Make just one click to get the information you need. Almost everything in this app is performed automatically meaning that you are expected just to launch it and check the performances at any moment you want to do it on the go. The app is reliable running smoothly.


  • High accuracy of the performances;

  • Simple, effective app being easy to use;

  • Absolutely free being available in plenty of languages.


  • Sometimes it needs performance improvements;

  • Bugs are possible but they are fixed within the following update;

  • Poor customization.

You Will Definitely Need it, if…

With this application, you will be aware of such important moments as sunset, sunrise, moonset, moonrise, and tides on the wide territory. If you are fond of surf riding and earn your living as a fisherman, you will definitely appreciate this convenient tool. You may need it when you want to walk along the beach and be sure to get pleasure.

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