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Uber is a free application that allows its users to call a taxi within a few taps. You are able to choose the destination, and see the car and the name of the driver before he arrives. You can use the Uber Payment function. To do so, you have to link your debit card to the account. You will pay for the taxi automatically after you have finished the trip. For now, more than 100 million people have downloaded the application on their devices. You can download Uber application latest version on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.


Uber is a free app that you can use anytime you wish. First of all, you have to register in the application. You will have to type your debit card number in order to pay for the ride. But you can also select another way of payment. You can proceed payments with cash. After that, turn on your GPS location so the Uber app could find your region. You can select the final destination, and the app will find the fastest route. It will also show you how much will the trip cost. After you have done that, you will receive the message about the estimated arrival time. After the ride, you can rate your driver from 1 to 5 stars.

In the menu, you can see your payments history, your trips, and if you tap the Help button, you will receive detailed information about the Uber application.


The design of Uber is simple. First of all, you will see the map of your region. If you swipe left, a short menu will appear. There you will be able to see a few sections. The text is clearly visible, and icons are highlighted. It is not hard to use Uber because all the sections are sorted. However, if you experience some problems, you can tap the Help button where you will find detailed info about how to use the app.

Ease of Use

Most of the time Uber works nice. It notifies you about the drivers, and it also properly shows you the price and the estimated arrival time. However, many people report about various kinds of problems. For example, some people experience problems while trying to register in the application. The verification code may not come in time. It should be also mentioned that sometimes the application asks its users to update the app, however, it is already updated to the latest version.


  • You can call a taxi within a few taps;

  • It shows you how much the trip will cost.


  • May be hard to register;

  • The app sometimes might work incorrectly.

The Final Thoughts

We recommend you to download Uber application if you want detailed information about your ride. Sometimes it may be hard to register in the application. Nevertheless, Uber provides its users with all the promised features. Most of the time it works correctly.

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