Xfinity My Account

  • Developer: Comcast Cable Corporation, LLC
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Version: Varies with device

Xfinity My Account is one of the complementary apps of Comcast Cable Communications, which is used to manage Xfinity digital services anytime and anywhere with no call needed.  


The app allows fast access to the Xfinity account so that you could control many aspects of your account without direct interaction with customer service representatives. For example, you can change your WiFi name and password, learn about service outage, troubleshoot, and restart your equipment. 

It’s also easy to check and update a channel lineup whenever it’s convenient for you. Your account details such as phone number, email address, and password can be updated there as well. Internet usage information can be viewed and it’s easy to look up your Comcast Digital Voice number and find the nearest service center. 

If something needs to be fixed and you arranged a visit from the technician, you should be able to easily find out his estimated arrival time with the help of the app. The service appointment may be rescheduled or cancelled by the app user and the status of your request is similarly easy to check. If you decided to install the equipment by yourself, you will receive how-to videos for the trouble-free setting up of the system. 

In case you don’t like receiving your monthly statements to your mailbox, there is an option of requesting a paperless billing with EcoBill. In addition to this, you can pay your bill via their secure payment system. 


We can’t say that there is something extraordinary in terms of how the app looks like but the design is unpretentious and simple and that makes the navigation easy and hassle-free. 

Ease of use

We can attest that the app is relatively easy to use and if you have any issues, you can request a call back from customer support representatives who will gladly help you out. It might be not so easy to get the hang of it all at the very beginning because of the great variety of different features but when you find what you need, you’ll be able to repeat it without any problem. 


  • The app is a convenient way to manage Xfinity account whenever you want;

  • No need to contact customer support;

  • You can easily check the status of your device and do the necessary updates.


  • Some users weren’t able to connect after the installation;

  • The app may not work on some of the older smartphones;

  • Bill payment capabilities are sometimes put in question but contacting customer service resolves issues.

A Handy Way to Manage Xfinity Account 

Xfinity My Account app proved to be good enough and it actually does what it says on the tin. There are things to improve but in general, it’s a great app so users of Xfinity can take the most out of this service with the help of Xfinity My Account app.

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